How does L-arginine work and what is L-arginine is ?

L-arginine is basically an amino acid. L-arginine has the ability to release through its biochemical breakdown known as nitric oxide which is very different from nitrous oxide which is also known as laughing gas. There are basically 3 types of amino acids present in the human body.

  • Essential amino acids.
  • Non essential amino acids.
  • Conditional amino acids.

So In simple words l-arginine is conditional amino acids. Almost all amino acids are basically produced by food or can be gained by food. Amino acids are very important for our body because amino acids are building blocks of protein. Without amino acids consuming proteins can be useless. There are 3 essential amino acids and 20 types of other amino acids which are broken down from those 3 essential amino acids. When all the 20 types of amino acids are combined with each other or together then it is known as complete protein. It has the ability to relax arteries, smoothing the muscles in arteries which is going to lower your blood pressure and can lower stress.

Facts about L-arginine are as follows below one by one.

Benefits of L-arginine.

L-arginine can provide a lot of, a lot of various types of benefits some of them are as given below.

  • Relax arteries.
  • Decrease free radicals.
  • It can decrease LDL cholesterol oxidation.
  • Anticoagulant.
  • Helps in erectile dysfunction.
  • Stronger Immune support.
  • provides better brain blood flow.
  • Make breaking better.
  • Relax sphincters.
  • Help with the growth of hormones.

Every year our heart bears for more than 39 million times. Well that’s a lot of work heart performs. So when your arteries relax, not only it helps to take away the stress on arteries but you also increase blood flow in the brain and heart muscles. Which can prevent things like enigma. Many doctors recommend L-arginine supplement as a medicine too. Consuming beet roots can be great because beet roots are especially very high in nitric which can automatically activate nitric oxide. Beet roots are also very high in boron which has other great benefits.

Why is L-arginine important to consume ?

When consumed L-arginine it converts into nitric oxide (N.O) in simple words nitric plus oxygen. Nitric oxide helps to open blood vessels which causes good blood circulation or good blood flow. Because of proper blood flow or circulation young muscles and arms grow stronger and bigger. L-arginine acids are developed by breakdown of protein. People who are mostly vegan and vegetarian lack the amount of protein in our body system. Those who don’t consume dairy products and animal based food will always lack protein. Due to the lack of protein in our diet there are very less amounts of amino acids produced by our body. This may cause not getting all the benefits of amino acids. As we already know L-arginine is a conditional amino acid. Which is very different from essential and nonessential acids.

Well, L-arginine can be consumed with both food and supplements. Food which contains L-arginine such as red meat, chicken, fish, kidney beans and beef many more. Beef is not allowed to be consumed in India. So basically all this food already contains natural L-arginine but in low quantity.

Why should we have supplements of L-arginine when we can gain natural L-arginine by food ?

The natural L-arginine constants but quality is very low in case of food. Good food diet for example consuming 250g can provide at least 1 grams to 1.50 grams of L-arginine which is sufficient. Consuming this large amount of red meat, fish, chicken or any meat is not good 2 twice a day because it contains high cholesterol. That’s why supplementing with L-arginine is good for active people.

Corns of L-arginine.

The amount of L-arginine consumed should be 3 grams 2 times a day. It doesn’t have to be a particular time of the day, you can have it before breakfast, lunch and dinner. The important fact which should be kept in mind is that L-arginine should be consumed before meals in an empty stomach. So there’s quite a few benefits but there can be some drawbacks as well.There might be some side-effects of L-arginine which are not very serious but it’s best to be careful than being careless.

If you have herpes simplex like a cold sore or you have herpes zoster as in the virus behind shingles. In this case, consuming too much L-arginine can reactivate these viruses and bring them out.


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