Glucon D: Limbu Paani Flavour

Are you limbu paani lover…!

Drink healthy and stay healthy with glucon D

Benefits of Glucon D:

  1. Feel you with energy and active.
  2. Kick away your tiredness and work free even in strong sun with glucon d.
  3. Specialty of the product is that it is in limbu paani flavour.

4. Glucon – D give you instant energy and lemon flavor gives you freshness.

5. It contain glucose, calcium, vitamin A and sucrose.

6. You can have it on daily bases which help you to concentrate better while doing your daily task.

Enhances Energy
This drink includes glucose, which gives you an immediate surge of energy to help you overcome the summer heat and fatigue.
A delectable twist
This revitalising drink is given a tangy edge by the Nimbu Pani flavour.

Vitamin C is present.
Vitamin C boosts mental alertness, allowing you to focus more effectively on numerous everyday chores.
Beats Tiredness
This drink will help you get over the summer blahs.

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