GREEN TEA: A good supplement for goitre

Green tea

Why green tea is considered to be a good drink?

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and prevents inflammation and fights cancer.

What is goiter?

goitre is a swelling in the throat caused generally by an increase in the thyroid gland. This also happens because of iodine deficiency in a person.

Causes of goiter

  1. The symptoms are generally that the thyroid gland swells. The thyroid glands don’t produce the required hormones a person needs. Resulting in an enlarged throat.
  2. Iodine deficit results in goitre as well. Lack of iodine in a diet. It is commonly found in Asians and Africans. So, make sure you get a good amount of iodised salt.

it can also be caused by hereditary; females are the common ones who are goitre patient and if one’s age is over 40 years.

Symptoms of goitre

  1. Swelling in front of the neck.
  2. Tightness in the throat.
  3. Hoarse voice.
  4. Veins of neck swell.
  5. Dizziness when arms raised.

Why green tea is healthy?

Green tea is a drink which is highly believed to be the best medicine in East Asia and further. It contains healthy bioactive compounds which are natural antioxidants. These antioxidants prevent cell damage and help the body in many other aspects.

Can you drink green tea when you are down in goitre?

Green tea is considered good in comparison with regular milk tea. It is safe for thyroid patients is those who have a goitre. Many researches have made clear that green tea can lower thyroid function. But researchers are also finding if green tea has any side-effect on thyroid patients.

Consumption of green tea a little more than required can increase the risk of thyroid cancer. There have been many cases in past where people who had thyroid cancer were associated with high consumption of green tea.

Drinking 1 cup of green tea won’t cause any harm to you, just make sure this 1 cup of tea doesn’t exceed to 4 or 5 a day.

Things you should know about green tea.

1. Quality matters: The quality of green tea may vary according to the place it is harvested. Make sure you buy the product which has certified organic compounds in it. Organic tea will help you in reducing thyroid hormones. Also, check the place it was harvested, and make sure it wasn’t any polluted place.

2. Flouride levels: Green tea leaves are rich in fluoride. Fluoride is a component that blocks iodine absorption required for thyroid hormone production. It also has some side effects on bones as well. So consumption of green tea should be maintained.

3. Too ‘cooling’: Green tea is considered to be too cooling that it removes heat from the body, according to TCM. So, you should be adding a chunk of ginger to your tea. We all know how effective ginger is in regulating body temperature.

4. Contains caffeine: Green tea contains a little amount of caffeine. If it is consumed at night, it may disturb your sleeping schedule. If the beverage is consumed too much it may result in heart palpitations, jittery feeling or dizziness because of the caffeine it contains.

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