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Green tea: the natural and organic detoxifier

Are you looking for the best quality of green tea?

If yes then you have come to the right place for your answer. Lipton green tea is a perfect combination of health and nutrition.

Green tea is filled with many essential and healthy antioxidants. It is the most preferred drink for many. A hot cup of green tea will provide you with countless health benefits.

Why choose green tea?

  • Because it is the most organic and healthiest form of tea.
  • Unlike any other caffeinated beverages or soft drinks; green tea doesn’t contain any added sugar.
  • If you are feeling dehydrated or thirsty then instead of grabbing a can of soft drink sip some green tea.
  • Along with providing hydration and refreshment green tea leaves no stone unturned in giving you the boost of good health.

Deteriorating health and weakness has been complaints of many people. But green tea can offer some help to ease your fatigue and weakness.

Now you don’t have to worry about gaining extra calories. Green tea is a calorie free drink. It is not like other caffeinated drinks that contains high amounts of refined sugar. Rather it is a much better and healthier option than any other drink.

Health benefits of consuming green tea:

There are numerous benefits of consuming green tea. We will try to cover some of the key benefits of green tea below:

Heart health:

Green tea might turn out to be extremely beneficial for maintaining good heart health. Green tea consists of flavonoids which is very beneficial for heart health. A study found that consuming green tea on required amounts reduced bad cholesterol levels in body. Thus if consumed in right quantities green tea can be protective for your heart.

High amount of polyphenols:

Green tea is very well documented for its rich content of polyphenols. Polyphenols present in green tea has a wide range of health benefits. It improves heart health, reduces inflammation and also protects cells from free radical damage. Green tea also has anti cancer and anti inflammatory properties.

Contains vitamins and minerals:

Though the amount of vitamins or minerals in green tea is very minute but it still consists of some. It has calcium, iron and potassium in it.

Weight loss:

Green tea may also support with weight loss. Many studies have claimed that green tea has the potential to improve metabolic rate. It also helps in fat burning process. Improved metabolic rate is extremely important for supporting weight loss process. Because slow metabolic rate leads to weight gain. Thus consuming green tea might greatly help you if you are looking for some natural weight loss ingredients.

Eases constipation:

Green tea contains small amounts of caffeine too. This along with lifting your mood might also improve bowel consistency. Caffeine is known as a good bowel movement stimulator. Hence consuming green tea early in the morning might help you with being regular.

Reduced stroke rate:

Green tea is also associated with decreased risk of stroke. A study conducted by researchers found that participants who drank green tea was less prone to stroke. That is an incredibly wonderful establishment. Although green tea isn’t the cure or the best treatment but it can act as a good prevention.

There are also few blogs which would seem beneficial if you want to know more about green tea.



Side effects of green tea:

  • Everything available in the nature has some limits. The same way consuming green tea way more than the required limit might harm you too. Though if consumed in moderation it will give you good benefits. Let us see what the negatives of consuming green tea are:
  • People suffering from acidity issues might find it hard to tolerate green tea. In some cases green tea might increase the acidity level of the stomach. Green tea is like any other tea that is acidic in nature.
  • In some studies it was found that green tea might not be good for liver issues. So for people already having liver ailments they should avoid consuming green tea or its extracts.
  • If you are low in iron or suffering from iron then it is preferably better to avoid green tea. Because tannins present in green tea interferes with the iron absorption process.

Thus green tea is a perfect pack of healthy ingredients. You can enjoy a perfect cup of green tea anytime you want. It will give you a new outlook towards health. Lipton green tea is a wonderful brand of green tea with authentic quality of green tea. You can check it out in the foodvez website:

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