Healthy Skin

Do you get offended when you get pimples most of the time?

Getting pimples, makes you look dull, your skin doesn’t glow or you look aged. Why do you think this happens?

What solution can you find?

Instead of knowing the solution first, think of why is it happening with your skin? What do you eat or do that makes your skin look dull, aged or your skin doesn’t glow?

Dull skin

No one likes unhealthy skin, everyone wants healthy, beautiful and glowing skin without any pimples on the face, isn’t it? There’s this particular reason for your unhealthy skin. This can happen because of genetics, hormonal changes and diseases like diabetes.

Looking at some of the reasons, we will find out the reason behind your unhealthy skin.

1) The Wrong diet: if not getting a proper diet, the skin reacts accordingly. A proper diet is very essential for healthy skin. If your skin doesn’t get vitamins, nutrients and minerals, it would start breaking down. In this case, avoid or stop eating fried food and drinks.

2) Hygiene: Poor hygiene pattern leads to unhealthy skin. This results due to not washing your face for at least two times a day, skincare is not good enough. Unhealthy here means that your skin results in poor skin because of the dirt that sticks on your face. Due to this, the skin pore gets blocked, dry skin and wrinkles.

3) Sun safety: If you get out of the house regularly, make sure to apply sunscreen before. Direct sun rays lead to screen cancer or sun burn.

What to eat for healthy skin?

1)Avocados: Avocados are preferred because they contain healthy fats. These fats are very beneficial for your body and skin as well. Skin looks moisturized and looks pretty. Avocados contain Vitamin E which helps in the healing of wounds and prevents skin cancer, eczema, etc.

Avocado on old wooden table in bowl. Halfs of avocados fresh fruits healthy food.

2) Walnuts: Walnuts are a highly preferred food which leads to healthy skin. It is often used in products such as face washes or peel offs. Walnuts contain fatty acids which your own body cannot make completely. It contains vitamin E and helps in the healing of wounds also.

Walnuts on wooden table

3) Sunflower seeds: Sunflower seeds boosts you skin. They are rich in vitamin E, zinc, protein and selenium.

Nutritious sunflower seeds fill a wood bowl, accented with a metal scoop and yellow sunflower


1)Elements Raw Watermelon Seeds: Eating roasted watermelon seeds benefits the skin, and hinders the outbreak of a new, moisturiser skin and prevents dullness.

Raw watermelon seeds

2) Nutrabay Pro Fish Oil Omega: Reduces inflation of skin, maintains gut health, delays skin ageing, and helps in boosting hair growth as well!

Nutrabay Pro Fish Oil Omega

3) Organic Tasteful Chamomile Rose Tea: roses are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It prevents acne, redness and inflation. It helps a lot for dry skin.

Organic Tasteful Chamomile Rose Tea

hopefully this article helps you find a better product and use Foodvez’s products as well.

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