Help yourself during diabetes.

Do you also find yourself in these situations?

Do you often get tired or feel like you haven’t drunk water for like ages or do you find yourself squinting your eyes frequently just because you are not able to see your surroundings very clearly? This surely shouldn’t be ignored; these are the early symptoms of diabetes, a very common disease nowadays.

To keep yourself healthy and happy, eat healthy.

Eating healthy keeps your blood sugar under control, takes care of your weight, and avoids extra calories and fats as it increases blood glucose, harming your health.
1) Eat fruits and green vegetables.
2) Avoid eating foods rich in carbohydrates such as bread, pasta and rice.
3) Intake of foods rich in protein like beans, pulses, meat, fish, etc.

First, let’s head onto the question of what diabetes refers to. Diabetes, in simple words we can say that it is a long-lasting or a lifelong disease in which one’s body is either unable to make enough insulin or can’t use it as well. It is necessary to take care of a person who is diabetic as it may lead to some serious problems related to the heart or kidney. Diabetes is a very common disease. In 1 of 10 are diabetic, and more than that don’t know they are diabetic, making them enter the risk factor on daily basis. The average age of a diabetes patient is 45 years, but it depends on one’s condition and one may become a patient at an early age as well.

But for those who are healthy and fit, a question occurs to them, are they willing to avoid sugary items just to not get this disease? The answer would be a ‘no’. So instead of avoiding sugary items, make sure to eat healthily and avoid being lethargic. You can start your day by walking for at least 30 minutes daily, stop smoking if you do so, stop stressing about things that aren’t in your hand, limit alcohol intake as much as possible, and get the proper amount of sleep of minimum 7 hours.

Why protein bars?

A protein bar might be very effective, rather than consuming food that triggers sugar levels, try eating those snacks which are healthy and that maintain your health. Packaged protein items, however, contain more amount of sugar in them but when we talk about protein bar as it contains a precise amount of sugar and is nutritious but make sure to choose the right protein bar.

We often question ourselves whether, if this protein bar will be on the mark for us or not. Let’s answer the most frequently asked questions.

1) Why are protein bars good for diabetics?
Protein bars, as said earlier, provide an adequate or precise amount of protein with the correct level of
sugar in it, which won’t affect any patient. But most protein bars also contain a high amount of sugar
so chose the correct protein bar for yourself.

2) What are the best protein bars on the market?
While buying the protein bars, check the proportion even if you don’t want to, just check it.
The best protein bars have low sugar levels with 8 to 12 proteins in them.
i) AG Taste Gluten-Free Protein Bars
ii) Granola Bars
iii) Yoga Bars
These bars are cheap and beneficiary at the same time.

3) Does protein bars taste good?
To give an honest opinion on whether a protein bar tastes good, I would say not always. Not all protein
bars give immense pleasure to your taste buds, rather it would be bitter. If a protein bar tastes sweet, then it may not contain the right amount of ingredients.

4) Why protein bars are recommended?
Protein bars are a good option to consume calcium, potassium, iron, and of course fibre at the same
time. They help you in weight loss as well.

5) Can eating protein bars make you fat?
Well, consuming protein bars is not a wrong idea but consuming a little more than what it should be,
may result in something else. If taking protein bars or protein shakes, the workout is required, as the protein breaks down pretty slow, and fat gets stored.

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