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Let’s Explore Kapiva Slim Juice

During the Covid 19 pandemic lives of millions of people had become confined within the four walls of the house. Lockdown, quarantine, and working from home all these had prevented a large number of people from doing their regular workouts, whether it is hitting the gym or morning walk. Consequently, it did not take much time to develop unhealthy body fat due to a lack of proper physical movements.

Is Kapiva Slim Juice Safe ?

Well, unwanted body fat has been a concern and headache among people of all ages. Not every fat-burning supplements are trustable. But, there are various products in the market which have been certified as effective by both fitness instructors and the users. Kapiva Slim Juice is among those products which are top fitness formulas found in the market. But as a new and inexperienced user how would you know if Kapiva Slim Juice is safe and effective? Well, here we will discuss the ingredients, benefits, and possible side effects of Kapiva Slim Juice.

Everything to know about Kapiva Slim Juice


Kapiva Slim Juice is a type of powder or extraction of green tea. That green tea extract speeds up metabolism rate, thus managing proper weight. There is no added sugar in it. Besides, this juice is free of sugar, synthetic colour, artificially flavoured elements, and chemical extracts. So it is absolutely safe to drink.


Kapiva Slim Juice is a healthy mixture of 12 ayurvedic raw herbs along with sodium. Here is a list of total 15 ingredients found in Kapiva Slim Juice.

Erend Mool, Coleus Excipient, Sad me beej, Ginger, Chinnamon, Daru haridra, Lemongrass, Oolong tea, Harad, Behda, Green tea extract, Mithi Patti, Sodium benzoate QS, Avla, and Ascorbic acid permitted class ii preservatives.


Interestingly Kapiva Slim Juice not only reduces body fat but also has multiple benefits. Let’s take a look at why Kapiva Slim Juice is the first choice for those who want to maintain a healthy body both internally and outwardly.

  • It is a natural supplement with herbal ingredients.
  • It enhances proper digestive system.
  • A daily consumption of Kapiva Slim Juice works as a booster for metabolism rate and helps to minimize extra fat.
  • Oolong tea, Harad, Behda and Green tea extract present in it help eliminate harmful toxin from body.
  • This juice cures various stomach problems by keeping the digestive tract free from acidity.
  • Kapiva Slim Juice boosts energy level and revitalizes the body.
  • It works as a purifier of blood cells.
  • It lowers blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels.
  • It reduces period pain.
  • It brings natural glow in the skin.
  • It reduces the risk of breast cancer.
  • It is a great refreshing drink.

It is very clear that one drink contains several health benefits. Now let’s check up how to use it.

How to use Kapiva Slim Juice

  • Take 30 ml of Kapiva Slim Juice.
  • Now add 30 ml water in it.
  • Mix it well and drink.
  • For better result drink this mixture two times a day.

Now that we have come to know the ingredients, benefits and usages of Kapiva Slim Juice, we should also look at some possible risk factors or side effects before using it.

Side effects of consuming Kapiva Slim Juice

As every action has a similar reaction, every effective product contains more or less side effects. Kapiva Slim Juice is not an exception to that. Consuming it in the wrong way may create complications in the body. Drinking more than the preferred amount will not work faster. Rather there will be a possibility of the digestive tract being damaged. So it would be right to take in Kapiva Slim Juice in an appropriate amount. Immediate consultation with a doctor is an emergency if any allergy shows up.

A quick safety information

  • Read the product label carefully before using to get accurate information about the juice.
  • Take recommend amount of dose.
  • Keep it away from children below ten.

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