Pros and Cons of Regular Intake of Multivitamins

Are you consuming multivitamins everyday? Wonder if it works a hundred percent?

In order to clarify your doubts, here are some advantages and disadvantages of taking multivitamins on a daily basis.

Why should you take multivitamin every other day?

Taking a multivitamin daily ensures that your body is supplying the vitamins and minerals it needs. Food doesn’t always supply what the body needs, so supplements can help. According to study, it is found that about 70% of the adults don’t take in enough vegetables and fruits.

Vegetables and fruits have the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals for your body. Furthermore, multivitamins helps in reducing the risk of chronic diseases, tumour, cancer and other ailments.

It seems like everyone is always searching for the next best thing when it comes to improving their health.

We can give our wellness a boost in many ways, ranging from the latest fitness craze to protein powders that are best sellers. All your questions about the benefits and side effects of multivitamins can be answered here. 

Reasons Why We Require Multivitamins

The ability to swallow and chew food becomes difficult as we age. Our body requires more nutrition than we usually do when you are getting older, Multivitamins would increase the nutritional requirements of the body, thus benefiting you.

In order to meet the nutritional needs of your body, there needs to be proper digestion for the nutrients to get distributed throughout your body. There are certain diseases such as celiac, cystic fibrosis, gastric bypass and diarrhea that doesn’t allow our body to absorb the nutrients from the food we eat.

It is also evident that multivitamins serves as a cure for heart diseases. Vitamins such as Niacin B3, CoQ10, Vitamins B1, B2, B6, K1, Magnesium plays vital role in improving over all heart health. A recent research proved that multivitamins also significantly decreases the risk of cancer.

What Does a Multivitamin Do?

As we all know, Vitamin C boosts immunity and is a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from disease and infection. Also, vitamin D and vitamin E are known to reduce allergic reactions and support immunity.

Taking a multivitamin a day, can also make you feel energized and will provide you with the strength your body requires for a healthy metabolism.

Lack of proper intake of food will lead to nutrition deficiency which further results in lack of memory. As a result, taking a multivitamin can boost your memory. It also reduces stress and anxiety, which would help you keep yourself calm and relaxed.

Multivitamins contain Vitamins A, C, E and Niacin B3 which are major nutrients that help in supporting eye health. If you want to have healthy and lustrous hair and skin free from breakage, the vital source for you is biotin, Vitamin C and Niacin B3. And for a radiant skin, include vitamins such as A, C and E in your diet.

Ups and Downs of Consuming Multivitamins

There are some water-soluble vitamins present in your multivitamins that might turn your urine slightly or completely yellow. Do not panic if this happens, it is absolutely normal!

There is both good and bad in taking a multivitamin everyday. Taking too much or too little of a multivitamin can be harmful in certain circumstances, especially if they are consumed in large quantities. However, one should consult a dietician before including multivitamins in their routine.

In a Nutshell

There are exceptional cases where certain people with certain sickness shouldn’t be consuming a particular vitamin. It is especially important to restrict vitamin A intake for pregnant women.

When you consume nutritional rich food and also multivitamins simultaneously, you might develop a risk of high multivitamin consumption of the day. It might lead to several diseases in your body. In few cases, it can also lead to fainting, vomiting, stomach upset and constipation.

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