What is physical fitness?

It refers to the physical structure and well being of our body. It can be achieved by doing exercise, eating nutritious food and getting sufficient amount of rest. So what can you do to keep yourself fit?

Woman doing yoga.

What to do to keep yourself fit?

1. Balanced diet

It plays a very vital role in maintaining yourself fit and healthy. Intake of food and what kind of food matters if you are health conscious. A well-balanced diet should consist of proteins, carbohydrates and fats that are 1:4:1. The diet doesn’t have to be the same for every person, it can depend on who is requiring what amount of the composition.

Healthy well-balanced diet

2. Lifestyle: Everything depends on your lifestyle. How much active you are, if you are not then it is harming your body in many ways. Make sure you remain active if you want a good result for the body in the present and future as well. Exercise daily so that it can reduce the number of fats probably stored in your body. It would also boost your metabolism. Instead of sticking to your phone or laptop, go and play outside.

Cheerful and active woman
3. Yoga and Exercise: Not to mention the benefits of yoga. It helps in reducing stress and tension rather it provides mental peace. Doing exercise will result in the burning of fats and increase your metabolism.

4. Avoid fried foods: It’s no doubt how much harm these fried food or snacks do to our bodies. Results in many diseases which can be directly linked to heart, liver or kidney or skin as well. Instead of consuming products rich in fat and calories try taking foids which will be beneficial for your health, for your good. Also, avoid overeating. Overeating results in lowering your appetite for rest of the day making you skip your meal which is not good. Eat all three meals every day.

5. Say no to alcohol, cigarettes and drugs: these items are just addiction, and they don’t do any good to your body but rather end up giving you loads of diseases.

No bad habits

Benefits of keeping yourself fit

  • Promotees strong muscles and stamina
  • Improves respiratory and overall health
  • Healthy weight
  • Reduces any risk of disease
  • Improves cardiovascular health

if you have a healthy heart, then you remain healthy because everything is connected to heart.

Mental health is also important

keeping yourself healthy from the outside won’t be beneficial until and unless you have healthy mental health. If our thoughts are messed up and we tend to become lazy, stressed, angry and sleepy all the time. It won’t matter how much exercise you do, or what diet plan you follow if your mental health is poor. If you want o to be fit make sure you are both mentally and physically.

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