Post-workout drinks- Things you should avoid and do

Do you often get thirsty and feel tired after working out?

Why do you feel thirsty after work out? Why do you think you get tired after a workout?

How about getting a solution and a correct reason for it?

Glycogen gets drinks, while working something that needs high source of energy. Your body uses glycogen during workouts.

Your body tries rebuilding glycogen after working out and tries regrowing protein muscles. Eating the correct amount of protein and fibres and also the correct nutrients; after exercise is very beneficial for your body.

Doing this helps your body decrease muscle breakdown, restores used glycogen and enhances recovery. Protein is a very essential substance required by your body. After exercise, protein muscles breakdowns easily which is why taking the protein is important. It is recommended that one should consume at least 0.14-0.23 protein every day.

Consuming carbs after working out helps in replenishing your body’s energy. Researchers say that consuming carbs and protein after exercise restores the energy you used during the workout. If you workout then make sure you consume carbs twice a day.

Foods you can eat after a workout

1.sweet potatoes

2. Chocolate milk

3. Fruits such as kiwi, pineapple, berries, bananas, etc.

4. Rice, rice cakes

5. Potato

6. Wholegrains

7. Eggs

8. Yogurt

9. Chicken

10. Protein bar

11. Avocado

12. Nuts

Apart from food, what else can you eat? Let’s get into it right away!

1. Chocolate milk: it has more carbs than a plain counterpart has. As already mentioned, consuming carbs after a workout replenishes the energy of the body. You can pair chocolate milk with any other protein food!

2. Coconut water: studies show that coconut water is very beneficial for post workouts. But it also shows that coconut water tends to bloat the stomach and it can also lead to an upset stomach. So to avoid these situations you should be drinking protein shakes.

3. Protein shakes: Do I have to mention their benefits? Protein is very essential for muscle growth and its development. It is good to consume protein shakes, now it depends on the consumer whether they will take them before working out or after.

4. Black and green tea: Tea has antioxidants which help in reducing muscle soreness and helps in muscle growth. After a workout, consuming tea is effective in fat oxidation, reduces muscle soreness and replenishes muscle growth.

5. Beer: What? Shocked? Don’t be! Studies have proved that by consuming beer during post workouts then there won’t be any negative impact. Those who consume beer not so regularly are the ones to be more active! Beers reduce post-workout inflammation.

Note, what you should do or avoid during post-workout

1. Make sure you drink at least 16 ounces of water or chocolate milk or coconut water daily as it prevents muscle damage or cramping.

2. Make sure you take a healthy snack within 45 minutes after the workout. It will help in building up muscle energy and recovery of the muscles. Make sure you get the proper amount of carbs, proteins and fats.

3. I know it would be difficult to just start exercising after an intense workout but make sure you do a light exercise on recovery days such as walking.

4. Make proteins your priority, choose carbs wisely and try out any products or supplements.

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