INLIFE Magnesium Glycinate Supplement 1100mg (Elemental Magnesium 242mg) With Zinc 10mg Per Serving – 120 Vegetarian Capsules

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  • Chelated form for quick absorbance.
  • With added zinc picolinate.
  • Provides support in anxiety & insomnia.
  • Promotes muscle function & nerve health.
  • Revitalizes skin tissue.

    Buy Magnesium Supplement Online

    Many factors like drug abuse, environment, poor nutrition, and foods rich in packaged and processed foods can deplete the natural levels of magnesium present in the body, especially those of the elderly. Buy Inlife’s magnesium supplement online to fill the gap. 

    Magnesium is also available in common foods like dark green leafy vegetables, legumes and nuts, wheat and other grains, and fish.

    Magnesium supplements are safe and available in many forms. However, some people use capsules, tablets and other prefer taking Epsom salt bath to fulfil their magnesium requirement. But Magnesium Glycinate supplement is high in absorption as compared to Magnesium Citrate.

    Magnesium Supplement Benefits

    INLIFE Magnesium Glycinate has amazing benefits like it helps to enhance sleep and can aid in boosting memory power. It can prove to be a miraculous ingredient for people suffering from headaches and migraines.

    The supplement also helps in blood sugar and blood pressure regulation, prevents muscle cramps, and aids in better muscle and nerve growth. The presence of added zin picolinate in INLIFE Magnesium Glycinate supplement helps absorb all types of zinc in the body and enhances post-workout performance.

    Each serving of INLIFE magnesium glycinate contains 242 mg of elemental magnesium, and each serving comprises two capsules.

    INLIFE Magnesium Glycinate consists of 120 vegetarian capsules in each bottle.

Additional information

Fitness Goal

Endurance, Immunity Booster, Strength Gain


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