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When it comes to cold press, it means extracting oil at a lower temperature from 35-38 degrees Celsius. The combination of wooden rotor and container helps to maintain the temperature on the lower side. Any changes from wooden to metallic in the rotor or container affect the quality of oil and will not be called a wooden press.


Sesame can survive in any conditions where other crops can’t grow. Hence it is also called a survivor crop. The such ability makes it fit for the end consumer to adapt like a crop. What makes it feasible is the region and temperature of our region that helps to attain better oil content. This defines the region-specific crop of the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra.


Seeds are collected, segregated, sundried, and screened through a chamber to remove soil content and then processed in the wooden press. The output comes with a healthy, nutritious, tasty, and raw oil with a nutty flavor. The oil is then filtered with thin mesh to remove coarse material and stored in a container for sedimentation. Sediments are removed and a clean portion is filled in a glass bottle for packaging.
This oil has a natural tendency to attain sediments in minute size which is an identification of natural, unprocessed, and unrefined raw oil.
Daily consumption reduces bad cholesterol and imparts vitamin E to the body. Improves heart, skin, and hair health.

Uses and benefits:

  1. Higher antioxidant properties- sesmol and sesaminol (powerful antioxidants)
  2. Strong anti-inflammatory properties (using it to treat joint inflammation, toothaches, and scrapes)
  3. Higher unsaturated fatty acid content (82%) which helps in improving the heart health and lowers the bad cholesterol level
  4. Helpful in treatment of arthritis-Osteoarthritis affects nearly 15% of the population and is a common cause of joint pain
  5. Improves hair and skin health
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