oRegion – Jaggery 1000gm Honey 350gm Ghee 1000ml

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Natural sugarcane is collected from a special region of Allipur in Maharashtra. The traditional process of making jaggery is operational for decades. Made with love by an all-women self-help group. Okra (Bhindi) pulp is used as a natural clarifying agent instead of harmful chemicals that help to retain the texture, color, and taste of resultant jaggery.
If a box of jaggery is packed with a natural purifier then who is stopping you to unbox it?


Allipur is the special terrain of Maharashtra which has various cropping of tribal flowers and fruits that help them to enhance the flavourful content of honey. The honey is collected ethically by the bee-conscious tribal without harming the bees. Which helps them to maintain the bee culture and their ecosystem.


oRegion helps 3rd generation ghee makers to support and continue their culture using the traditional Bilona process of ghee making.


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