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All you need to know about Soya Chunks

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Are soya chunks rich in Omega 3 or it is loaded with adversities of estrogen?

As per the latest news soya is been trending as the most controversial food item these days as various concerns regarding soya chunks have grown recently. Soya chunks are often regarded as a chicken breast piece by a vegetarian. No doubt they are also a great source of protein. Not just that but soya chunks have a lot of other nutrients to offer. Soya chunks are the most convenient food item that can be easily added to your balanced diet.

Nutritional Values of Soya Chunks

Apart from being a tasty and healthy snack soya chunks are extremely nutritious. Soy is full of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, Omega 3 fatty acids, proteins, and fiber. 100 grams of uncooked soya chunks have around 345 calories added with 52 grams of protein, 33 grams of carbohydrates, and 13 grams of dietary fiber. Soya chunks are also rich source of calcium and iron providing adequate amounts needed by the body.

Amazing benefits of soya chunks that you must be aware of!

1. Perfect substitute for meat

Soya Chunks are most commonly regarded as the breast piece of chicken for vegetarians. 100 grams of Soya chunk has approximately 50 grams of protein and fiber which is even more than the same quantity of chicken or lamb meat. That’s a healthy reason why it is considered a perfect substitute for me for vegetarians who suffer from protein deficiency.

2. Good for the heart

Soya chunks are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and high protein fiber with low saturated fat which promotes heart health. It reduces the amount of bad cholesterol and improves the good cholesterol in the body improving heart health.

3. Eases Menopause

Menopause symptoms can be really painful at times. Night sweats, hot flashes trouble in sleep, vaginal dryness, etc are some painful symptoms most women go through at the time of menopause. Soya chunks contain phytoestrogens known as isoflavones which reduce the menopausal symptoms and ease them subsequently.

4. Great aid for weight loss

Soya chunks help you remain satiated or full for a longer time. Hence your appetite reduces and you don’t feel like eating frequently. This reduces the chance of gaining weight. Soya chunks also contain a plant-based protein that has healthy body fat and weight-reducing properties. When your body doesn’t spend more energy on digesting soya chunks than carbohydrates this, in turn, helps you burn your fat and aids in weight loss.

5. Improves digestion

Soya chunks when consumed regularly increase the number of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria in the small intestine and large intestines. These microorganisms act as a great help in the process of digestion in return improving your overall digestive system.

6. Regulates hormonal balance in Women

Regular consumption of soya chunks can benefit women who suffer from irregular menstrual cycles due to their phytoestrogen content. It acts as a great help for women who are suffering from post-menopausal symptoms or PCOS.

7. Maintains Blood sugar level by

Soya chunks contain phytoestrogen known as isoflavones which helps in reducing blood sugar levels. Diabetic people must include soya chunks in their regular diet routine. As it controls sub blood sugar levels the risk of heart diseases gets minimised.

soya chunks

Soya Protein Bar

Ingredients: 1 cup oats, Cashews, Sunflower seeds Watermelon seeds Walnut, msCooked Soya chunks, Cinnamon powder, Almonds, Peanut butter, Jaggery, Dates, Raisins mixed berries.

How to make a healthy Soya Protein Bar

  1. Take a pan, add oats, and dry rose for 2 minutes

2. Add the dry roasted oats along with cashew, sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, walnuts, cinnamon powder, almonds cooked Soya granules and peanut butter into a blender to make a thick paste.

3. Take another pan and heat jaggery along with a cup of water.

4. At the above-made paste with some raisins, dates and mixed varies into the jaggery and mix well.

5. Take a plate and grease it with edible oil and spread the batter on a sheet to let it rest for an hour in the fridge.

6. Cut the thick batter into bar shapes and enjoy your munchies.

Stay cautious

Excess of anything is good for nothing. Similarly having too much of soya products can increase the amount of estrogen and uric acid levels in your body which promotes a lot of health problems such as acne, bloating water retention etc. An increase in the levels of uric acid may have an adverse effect on the liver and also cause joint pain. It is recommended to only have 25 to 30 grams of soya granules per day. If you take more amount of soya chunks in a day balance it the next day.


Soya granules are packed with various incredible health benefits. Starting from promoting bone and heart health to enabling faster muscle building and metabolism. As per a study it was found that soya chunks can effectively lower the bad cholesterol in the body and increase the good cholesterol which protects the heart from various ailments. Soya chunks help in easy digestion and stop access fat from accumulating in the body helping in weight loss. Along with that, it is also loaded with dietary fibre which allows the food to pass easily to the large intestine and keep you satiated for longer.

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