The Ultimate Height Gain Strategy!

Are you above 18 and concerned about your height?

How to level up your height after 18?

If you’re worried about your short height and feel insecure here’s the best solution. Almost all of us reach a maximum height in the growing period. The maximum rate of growth usually takes place 1-2 years after the onset of puberty. The growth level of the individual tends to slow down and eventually stop after the age of 18. Although the growth rate of most teens and adults after the age of 18-20 slows down, there are some exceptions to this ordinance. If the growth plates remain open after the age of 18-20, the height of the person continues to increase. But the growth rate is usually slower than in the earlier phase. To fasten the rate of growth proper diet plan and workout play a vital role. 

Before that let’s know the science behind this

What regulates your height?

Before getting on to the solutions it is equally important to understand the science behind what influences height level. Height greatly depends on our genetic composition. How tall or short are we is usually determined by either of our parents. Research has showcased that most people inherit height from their paternal side. The main reason why the growth rate of individuals stops after puberty is because of the growth plates. When one reaches puberty the “open” growth plates stop growing because of the normal hormonal differences in the body. In the case of women, the maximum height is attained by the age of 16. In the case of men, height is completely attended at the age of 14 to 18. Height fluctuations are greatly affected by daily activities such as spinal lengthening or loss of cartilage.

The majority of factors that determine height and growth are external environmental factors. This includes the food we intake and the physical activity we follow. This can be followed by real-life examples of sportsmen or athletes who have incredible physical features as compared to the average adult.

The best remedy to level up height in Teens!

While there is no miraculous solution to increasing your height after you have fully grown but there are some corrective steps you follow in your teen years to maximize the growth rate.

  • A balanced diet- Maintaining a balanced diet is the prime necessity for effective growth. Make sure your body gets plenty of essential nutrients like vitamin D, Calcium, and Vitamin B12 throughout your entire diet.
  • Protein-Protein is an essential nutrient and a growth mineral needed during the growth stage or the budding years.
  • Physical Activities- During the initial stage teens must focus on being physically active. Getting involved in various sports and simple aerobic activities for about 45 minutes every day will add up some essential benefits like good height and healthy weight too.
  • Sleep- Having a proper sleep schedule is an important aspect having a lot of functional impact on the growth patterns. People with sleep apnea develop stunted growth due to hormonal malfunction.

How can you increase your height after 18?

No amount of diet or exercise will act as a magical remedy to your diet or help you grow after the age of 18. Your height preferably will undergo a minimal bit of change during the initial days. The day-to-day activities can impact the cartilage and fluid levels which have a positive impact on your posture and level up your height by say half an inch. It might not be the same in the case of some individuals as the hormonal differences vary from person to person.

However difficult the situation may be you can still find a ray of hope in the following lists of methods.

  • Yoga – Yoga adds up a lot of benefits both to your mind and physical body. Even though your height may not visibly grow over time but regular practice can improve your muscle strength that will promote a good posture.
  • . Good posture – Most of us spend long hours at our desks in a hunched position. It has a lot of ill effects on your spinal health. A bad posture portrays a shorter image of yours and hurts your spinal cord. Undergoing stretching and spinal exercises can elongate your spine and make you look slightly taller than you’re in real.
  • The perfect outfit – Always try to make your outfit look better on you. Although you cannot medically or scientifically increase your height you can use some alternatives like the “clothes trick” for appearing a bit tall. Switch over to high sole shoes and heels, high-waist pants, and some fitting tops. It makes you look taller than you are by giving an illusion of longer legs.
Organic Foods That Make You Taller

As we know that height depends greatly on genetics but adding enough nutrients to your diet is equally important to ensure proper growth and development.

Protein trees an important role in the addition of nutritional requirements for our body. The other micronutrients like magnesium, vitamin d, and phosphorus are also included in muscle health and bone density which adds up to the body’s growth. Here are the 3 Organic Foods that can help in making you taller and maintain the required height.

  • Almonds- Almonds are the storehouse of many vitamins and minerals which are necessary for growing taller. Almond is a rich source of many healthy fats they are also high in fiber, manganese, and magnesium. They are also rich in vitamin E which doubles as an antioxidant. Lack of this essential vitamin can be the reason for various side effects including stunted growth in children. Almonds help in fostering bone health which inhibits the formation of osteoclasts, the cell that breaks down tissue.
  • . Beans- Beans are rich in iron and vitamin B which makes them incredible nutrition when it comes to height growth. It contains adequate protein which has been shown to increase the various levels of insulin-like GF-1 the hormone that regulates proper growth.
  • . Chicken- Chicken brings the reap source of protein along with various types of other essential nutrients it can be an excellent inclusion to a nutritional diet. Its most important content is vitamin b12 which is a water-soluble vitamin that is important for height growth.

Height largely depends on genetic factors. However healthy and proper nutrition both during childhood and adolescence plays a vital role in maximizing your height. If you’re not satisfied with your height you may look for several options. These include maintaining a proper posture and wearing heels or shoe inserts.

Although there are no scientifically proven methods for height growth several ways such as physical exercises, a balanced diet, and proper clothing can help in a slight change in setting up your height. You may not be able to attain your desired height so it’s helpful to accept yourself, the way you’re. You can lead a successful life regardless of your shape and structure.

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