Top 3 Ayurvedic Products for Women which is a Better Option

What are the Top 3 Ayurvedic Products for Women?

Ayurvedic Products for Women are modernized from our ancient Ayurveda. During ancient times, Ayurveda was the only one-stop solution for every disease where medicines were made from scratch. But now due to our convenience, these ayurvedic products are marketed in readymade form.

 Ayurvedic Products for Women has proven results in various medical conditions. Most ayurvedic products can help women with various medical conditions which cannot be treated by other medicines.

Some of the best ayurvedic products for women with their respective uses are as follows.


Ashwagandha that is also known as the ‘Winter Cherry’ of India has some great medical benefits. It is a shrub where we use the powdered form of roots and leaves for medical benefits. In a woman, it has some good benefits that we cannot get from other medicines.

It is a very good option to increase strength and stamina in women without any side effects. Moreover, Ashwagandha even helps I increasing women’s fertility and helps in irregular periods. Some of the other major benefits are as follows.

  • Helps in quick muscle recovery and damage
  • Increase the power and stamina
  • Controls mental disturbance and provides relief from stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Increases dopamine levels in the body
  • Helps in controlling periods and recovery from heavy blood loss
  • Regulates other hormones in our body
  • Incorporate protein intake and maximize the end results
  • Increase metabolism and immunity
  • Good source of vitamins and minerals

These are the major beneficial aspects that you can expect from ashwagandha as a woman. However, for maximum benefits you must choose the right product otherwise there will be no benefits. The best ashwagandha you can find is here

The proposed dose of ashwagandha for an adult woman is 1-2 tablespoons once or twice a day with water. But I would suggest you take a doctor’s consultation before taking it. Although there is no side effects of ashwagandha you may consult with a doctor for your betterment.


It is also known as an Asokaristam, which is extremely useful for women’s health problems related to menstruation. Very useful when menstrual bleeding is severe. Similarly, it may treat irregular, slow, and painful periods.

The presence of the main ingredient, that is Ashok is very helpful for women’s bodies. Ashok is also very useful during menstruation. Ashok contains a uterine tonic that can regulate and control a woman’s physiology. Many medicines on the market tend to show results, but in reality, they do not. The best way to treat menstrual problems is to use only Ayurvedic treatments. Some of the other medicinal properties of Ashokalista are: 

  • It enhances the body’s metabolism
  • Helps control excessive bleeding during menstruation
  • Increase the fertility of women
  • Controls iron and vitamin deficiency in the body

If you need the highest quality Ashokrishta, you can find it here

The prescription amount of Asoksrishta is 5ml to 10ml twice a day. You should also take it with water and see a doctor. There are no side effects, but there are some effects during pregnancy. However you can take it as per your doctor prescription and consulted doses.


Shilajit is a naturally occurring mineral that is blackish–brown in color and is found in the Himalayan areas. It is extracted from deep in the mountains which is a tough process. It is neither a plant-based matter nor animal-based matter but a naturally occurring mineral.

  • Shilajit is very good for women’s health. It has numerous health benefits and contributes a lot in maintain women’s health. Some of the major health benefits of shilajit are as follows.
  • It has many essentials which are helpful for the development of the immune system. A better immune system will make you less prone to diseases
  • The benefits also include quick recovery from illness and internal injuries
  • Shilajit is a natural stamina and strength booster
  • It makes our bones strong and naturally protects us from hairline fractures
  • In women, it also protects sexual organs and regulates sexual hormones
  • It controls irregular and long-lasting periods
  • Shilajit also helps in maintaining good metabolism in women

Shialjit is very expensive as its extraction process is very tough. So there are many local products available in market. For the best quality shilajit you can visit here

The prescribed dose of shilajit may vary on age factor. It is recommended that you should always consult with doctors before taking it.

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