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Young woman Having PCOS/PCOD

Treat PCOD/PCOS with Natural Products

Woman Having PCOS/PCOD

What are PCOD and PCOS?

Polycystic Ovarian Disease or PCOD is a critical medical malfunction in the female ovaries that produces premature eggs that turn into cysts over time. But the development of androgen (testosterone hormones) fills the ovary with follicular cysts each month.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS is a common infertile issue in India. It is an endocrine condition of women who are in their reproductive stage. Although it causes due to some complicated internal functions of the body, research says hormone regulations and insulin resistance are the two main reasons. In the recent few years, polycystic Ovary Syndrome cases have increased in a large number all over the world.

It includes the following symptoms:

Irregular periods

Ovarian cyst

Hair loss

Weight gain


All these symptoms along with the infertile issue cause all their lives who are suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome more difficult to live. But this problem can be cured by lifestyle changes and taking in the proper nutritional formula. Luckily we are blessed with some organic supplements to cure PCOS and PCOD.

Organic Products to Cure PCOS/PCOD

Here is a list of these supplements as well as the nutrients they contain

  1. Organic Maca Powder

Organic Maca cures the entire endocrine glands by promoting the optimal function of the pituitary and the hypothalamus. This supplement is an adaptogenic herb. It develops the reduction of estrogens. Maca powder also reduces the growth of unwanted facial hair.

How to use it?

Organic Maca Powder is a nutritional powder. It can be mixed in water, oatmeal, and baked foods. As it tastes like nutty butterscotch, it can be eaten with any sweet flavoured edibles.

2. Naked Glutamine

Naked Glutamine powder contains one of the most essential nutrients that are Amino acids. It improves gut function. Glutamine strengthens the body’s immunity system. It reduces stress level.

How to use?

Naked Glutamine contains only one element which is L- Glutamine. It is a non-flavoured powder and can be used by mixing it with water.

3. Pure Encapsulation Omega One

Pure Encapsulation Omega One is a very important product with its power to cure the increment of inflammation in the body. This is a suitable supplement to reduce the testosterone level. Like Organic Maca powder, Pure Encapsulation Omega One also maintains the regulation of the menstrual cycle.

How to use?

The dosage form of it is soft gel whereas the item form is a capsule. It can be taken at any time of the day. But for better results, one can consume two times a day.

4. Baidyanath Ashokaristha

Baidyanath Ashokaristha is an ayurvedic supplement. It mainly focuses on the regular maintenance of a healthy menstrual cycle. It contains phytoestrogens which are helpful to keep up the hormonal balance. Baidyanath Ashokaristha also reduces fatigue and physical weakness.

How to use?

This supplement is a vegetarian product without any added sugar. It is a liquid form. One can consume from 15 to 30 millilitres of this syrup with the composition of the same amount of water. Drinking it two times regularly can be helpful.

5. Cashew Nuts

Cashews are usually beneficial for diabetics patient. It helps to lower the high blood pressure level. Cures obesity. It also reduces bad cholesterol and thus heals the symptoms of PCOS

How to use?

It is a natural vegan product and is both gluten and sugar-free. It can be eaten either raw or roasted with light spices. Chopped cashew can be consumed with salad and yogurt.

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6. Spearmint PM-sip Tea

Spearmint PM-sip Tea is a healthy natural Herb for PCOD, PCOS and hormonal balance. Regular drinking of this tea minimizes pain or cramps during period.It is a good and ideal solution for menopause or irregular periodic problem.This works great in case of reducing stress.

How to use?

Spearmint PM-sip Tea is a combination of a few important herbal elements such as Shatavari, Chaste berry, Guduchi, and Spearmint. All these combined into one tea that helps those women who suffer from PCOS and menstrual problems. It can be made just the way any type of usual tea is made.

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So here are these 6 top organic supplements to cure PCOS/PCOD. But one thing to remember always is that before using any supplement, consultation with a doctor is obvious. Take care.

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