Whey protein for weight loss.

Does whey protein actually helps in weight loss journey ? Maybe they do, maybe they don’t ! Read the information provided below to find out.

Let’s start with learning what whey protein is, whey protein is one of the primary proteins found in dairy products means we all know that milk has the highest quality of protein. Some milk based products are such as cheese, butter, curd etc. Now, let’s get to the main point of whey protein for weight loss. If you are facing problems in weight loss the first thing which matters to do weight loss is your diet and your workout pattern.

There are some supplements that you can consume on a daily basis which will make your weight loss journey easy or make it faster. It’s very important before starting any supplement that when and how to consume those supplements or how it will help in your weight loss journey.

Supplements for weight loss.


There are many weight loss supplement present in the market but the one i found on FOODVEZ is actually works for weight loss.


How to consume this ?

There are many ways to consume ZEDON NUTRITION and there are no strict instructions about how to consume it. But if you workout early in the morning for example you’re doing cardio, so you can consume this product half an hour before workout or you can also consume it before your workout but keep at least an half and hour gap. Why is this, so when you consume anything it takes our body time to get absorbed. At least half an hour gap can give our body enough time to absorb all these supplements completely and show results or if you prefer you can also consume this supplement in between meals.

Now How much should you consume ?

If you are a newcomer, you have to start from today itself. So you can consume 1.5-2 grams per day for a few days but if you want to check the maximum doses then you’ll see you can’t consume more than 4 grams in a whole day.



Many companies claim many things but don’t really work why? One of the reasons is gluten so it’s very important to get yourself consuming items which are gluten-free. Sugar is also a major reason for weight gaining well. Excessive amounts of sugar present in products can make it harder for you to lose weight but this one has the perfect major amount of sugar present in it, which won’t make your weight loss journey difficult. This product doesn’t need extra sugar to add later. You can consume it with milk without adding extra sugar. If you add extra sugar it will eventually make your weight loss journey difficult.

This particular Supplement is one of the most effective ones which really helps in weight loss and it is one of the most high on Whey Protein i found. We all know how half full is gluten to us specially in consuming products well this particular one is gluten free. Plus, it has this amazing taste which comes in 3 different unique flavors. When it comes to supplements, quality is more important than taste. This one contains proteins that go through a multi-phase filtration process in the body to provide you with a pure protein isolate that mixes easily with water present in the body and gets absorbed faster into your body and it’s easy to digest.

Interestingly it also contains 5.6g of BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) which can be a great help to your diet. Fun fact, if you are planning to skip your meal or missed your meal you can intake this supplement. It should fulfill your body requirements. Just add it into a smoothie that will fulfill your protein and energy in a tasty and healthy way.

Now, how can you consume this ?

Do not consume any supplement directly without mixing it with any kind of liquid. Mixing with liquid not only makes the absorption rate for liquid multivitamins higher and faster but can also work faster than capsules or pills. Consuming it directly may cause problems in digestion, make you nauseous, stomach hurting, headache and a few more not long term problems. Supplements are not made to consume for fun. It should always be consumed with an equal amount of workout.

In case of consuming supplements without proper workout it can cause problems like it will exceed your daily calorie needs and lead to weight gain. In simple words you don’t actually need to consume a supplement by itself, why not mix it with liquid and make it more effective and tasty.

How much protein do you need ?

Increasing your protein intake can help you to lose weight even if you don’t work out. The amount of intake protein should be 46 grams per day for women and 56 grams per day for men. This is because men and women have different levels of need to function their body properly; it may also vary from person to person. Consuming protein also depends on your height, age, weight and for how long you have been working out.

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