Why is having Breakfast important?

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You must have heard many people saying “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Well, there is a reason for it, people who skip breakfast have a bunch of problems like fatigue throughout the day, low metabolism and low sugar levels in the body which causes some other issues.

Breakfast: Regularly known as an important meal of the day, it breaks the fast of the previous night. It replenishes the overnight lost glucose levels to enhance your energy and alertness, even as additionally supplying different important vitamins required for desirable health. This article will briefly talk about why breakfast is very important to consume.

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1. Restore the Energy:

Glucose is absorbed by your body from the carbohydrates you consume. These are stored by the liver in case of need, and when you have not eaten anything since night, this stored glucose provides energy in the morning. If you have not eaten breakfast in the morning this glucose is consumed and this lowers the sugar levels in your body. Some of the crucial organs like the brain function because of this glucose. Eating food in the morning restores glucose levels and increases metabolism.

2. Increases vitamin intake:

People who have breakfast regularly are more likely to fulfil their nutrient intake than those who don’t. Having a healthy breakfast is important as it contains some of the essential vitamins like folate, calcium and many more.

3. Weight maintenance:

Eating a healthy meal in the morning helps in controlling weight. Studies are still going on to show why such people are less likely to be obese and overweight. But having a good meal controls your hunger. So you are less likely to consume foods high in sugar and fats. It is still not proven if it helps in losing weight.

4. Increases Brain function:

Studies suggest that not having proper breakfast in the morning might affect your attention and concentration. Your mental functions start to disturb because the brain doesn’t receive enough glucose. That is why a healthy morning meal is strictly recommended for children and adolescents.

5. Reduced risk of illness:

As explained earlier, with breakfast people are less likely to become obese. This reduces the risk to many dangerous diseases like diabetes and cancer.

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