what problems will you face by skipping breakfast?

Breakfast provides you the other and important essential nutrition by boosting your energy level that your body needs. people not feeling hungry, having no time to eat breakfast, they want to lose weight are the few reasons for people to skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast makes you gain weight because skipping a meal will increase the hunger level I’m your stomach and when you eat your next meal you will tend to eat more. Your metabolism can slide down if you skip breakfast. And it can also lead to headaches. It can give rise to a negative impact on your mood. The rise of fatigue even might increase in the body. This is why breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day.


on missing your main meal your body releases certain hormones which compensate for the low sugar level which is known as hypoglycemia. The process of hypoglycemia has side effects. In this, there is a sudden rise in blood pressure which gives rise to headaches.

Includes fibers and vitamins.

by not eating meal you’re restricting your body from getting essential nutrients. Fibres and vitamins are a must ingredients that are needed to be added in your breakfast in order to make it healthy.When you wake up from your sleep your metabolism is completely high. breakfast is the first meal you have after a long period. Breakfast is a very good kickstart to your metabolism. Moreover, it stimulates your brain.

If you don’t have breakfast you will not have the energy to do anything. And then slowing slowly you might crave food that is unhealthy. Imagine having donuts at 10.00 in the morning. Even if you are not someone who eats breakfast you need to make it a habit to feed your organ and to help them function well.

why eat breakfast at the right time?

You should eat your your first meal between 6 am to 10 am that is the ideal time as you prepare yourself to eat your next meal at the correct time. Eating your meal at the right time sharpens your mind too which is scientifically proven. Your entire day will be affected by the breakfast that you eat in the morning.

What does cortisol do?

Cortisol is a hormone that comes in a molecular structure and is from a large batch of organic compounds.The brain cannot survive without glucose and sometimes there is less amount of glucogen level in the liver and so cortisol helps in increasing the level of glucose by decreasing the level of cortisol. If you don’t eat breakfast the rise in the glucose level will keep on rising and eventually your insulin will rise too.

Die to which the hunger level will keep on rising throughout the day. Cortisol will lead to hang you onto your belly fat. Cortisol Can make you gain more weight. It stimulates your carbohydrates, fats and metabolism which creates a flow of energy in the body. This process is completely essential for survival situations and it helps increasing your appetite too. Also, elevated cortisol levels can lead to fatty, fat-based, salty, sweet, food cravings.

what does healthy breakfast include?

A healthy meal includes Eggs as it has excellent protein in them. Proteins take a little bit of time to digest and hence keep your stomach full for a longer period.

Greek yogurt is the best option if you want to have a quick meal. Yogurt concentrates more on protein because it is made by straining different other liquids from milk curds. It is a more concentrated and creamy product and that’s why it is healthier and has more protein than the normal yogurt.

coffee is rich in caffeine and so it helps you to get in a better mood plus it helps you to increase physical and mental work.

Oat milk contains a different fiber which is known as beta-glucan. Oat milk helps in keeping your stomach full and not feel the urge of hungrness for a longer period. Plus oat milk contains 10 grams of protein in each cup. Oats milk is also proven to be gluten-free.

Nuts contain generous potassium and magnetic although nuts have a high amount of calories studies have proven that we do not consume all the fat present in there. Avoid food that contains sugary or highly refined cereals. These type of food stuff are typically low in protein and has no health benefits.

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