Why Organic almonds are not fumigated?

H1 Nutritious Almonds

You might assume almonds as nuts but in reality, they’re a seed of a fruit and that fruit is bore on an almond tree. Almonds are produced across the world in places like Saudi, Arabia, and Syria. generally you get two types of almonds one are the sweet once and the other are bitter once.

Sweet almonds are usually eaten rawly while the bitter once are used for making oil. That’s how it adds flavour to the oil.There is a variety of benefits that we get from almonds like its rich in vitamin D.

It’s an antioxidant, has tons of nutrients, manages blood pressure levels, etc. Even though almonds are healthy they can be harmful due to chemical pesticides present in them. Human consuming almond will allow all the chemicals and pesticides to enter their body and will become victims to other further internal or body problems.

H2 How are organic almonds produced?

Organic almonds are originally 100% organically grown i.e during the planting stage the person who grows the seed top-dresses the soil with tons of well-rotten matter. At the time of harvest, the nuts are knocked down, peeled, and then dried very well.

If the almond tree is healthy it will bear for more than ten to 15 years. In India, almonds are mostly cultivated in places like Jammu & Kashmir, Kerala Uttrakhand, and Andra Pradesh mainly in the hilly regions.

H2 What makes organic almonds beneficial?

There is a variety of benefits that we get from organic almonds like its rich in vitamin D, It’s an antioxidant, has tons of nutrients, manages blood pressure level, etc. Carbohydrates are very low in organic almonds and So you can have a low-carb snack any time.

It helps to control blood sugar and it’s a very good snack for diabetes patients. Almonds help in developing the brain and hence it is also called the food for the brain (brain-food). Almonds mainly carry two important nutrients in them. i.e the Riboflavin(vitamin B2) and L-carnitine. These nutrients play a major role in increasing brain activity.

H2 What’s better Almonds or organic almonds?

Of course, organic almonds as they are 100% pesticide-free. They are man-made pesticides and fertilization free. They are not produced using any fertilizers nor have gone through many processes mixed with chemicals. Almonds undergo different methods of pasteurization like bleaching, oiling, moist heating, etc. Even organic almonds undergo the raw heating process which means they’re not truly raw.Almonds should always be organic Regardless of whether them being pasteurized or unpasteurized ( pasteurized almonds means it undergoes the heating process and kills the bacteria present in them. And unpasteurized almonds are which do not have to go through any heating or chemical process.) Unpasteurized almonds are more beneficial than pasteurized Almonds. Organic almonds have the highest quality nutrients.

H2 How is almond benefitial?

Almonds protect the health of your heart. It strengthens your bones, boosts your energy, and gives you clear skin. It is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E. Vitamin E analysis all the damaged radicals and eliminates them. Vitamin E does a great service to one’s body. People who intake vitamin E are 30-40% less likely to have heart diseases.

H2 What do almonds contain?

A cup of Almonds will contain about 529 calories which are 25% of calorie intake in one day. This is why consuming so many almonds in one day is not preferable. They generously contain minerals in them.Almonds are low in carbohydrates. It has only about 5% of carbohydrates in one cup of Almond. As people opt more for a low-carb diet this can be the best snack for them. One cup of Almond has approximately 71 grams of Fats and 30 grams of proteins. Almonds contain a lot of fat and half of the fat is in the form of monounsaturated fat. Consuming 2-3 Almonds a day gives you a nice boost.

H2 Benefits of monounsaturated fats

Monounsaturated fats are good for your health. They reduce the risk of heart stroke and manages all the cholesterol level in the body. It has a great metabolism and it reduces the force of gain weight however monounsaturated fats have more calories and proteins and so eating too much of them will lead to weight gain.

H2 What is fumigation.

Fumigation means getting that particular item in contact with vapor, gas, or smoke to disinfect or destroy the pesticides, weeds, agricultural pests, and bedbugs that are in there. For example, if you are adding smoke or vapor in your house you are trying to kill the insects roaming in there which means your fumigating it. Chemicals like methyl bromide and phosphine are mostly used in fumigation.

H2 Why is fumigation bad for almonds?

Almonds are not fumigated because heating the almonds at a very high temperature will kill all the active Enzymes and constituents that are beneficial for health. However, some non-organic almonds are fumigated at a very high temperature using propylene oxide.

H2 Why you should consume ONLY ORGANIC ALMONDS?

Despite the several benefits that almonds serve you they are still harmful because of the pesticides that are sprayed on them. It is done to extend their lifespan or protect them from different insects. Even if you wash the almonds thoroughly the pesticides present in the almonds will not be 100% killed. https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwi_8v6t7PD3AhVRxJYKHezQAScYABANGgJ0bA&ae=2&dsh=1&agsac=iRjrU2cakWE&cit=CkUKCQjwm6KUBhCWARI0AOGKs_BPQ0nlyL4KuNsBxQ9LlsIBOJePHu3A2GkVySqAkDoQzjsNxjjAGSMopJQnGfF70BoCRP3w_wcB&ohost=www.google.com&cid=CAESbeD2Bgd_7nheEvHIxMkGR_oL6wWtGPwbo_NWHXUHA1aAbqBfgegKENx6YMReC18Z1eVCC7jNipl50JLAYcOJVkC2IQCrkJhHTk6FsYlXtQgbzdcfdco2XlZNgASA9QgKuom_0vx08l-AUPOMexA&sig=AOD64_3Ni3J6FbJpMbB-avajFsPv0I2ISA&ctype=5&q=&ved=2ahUKEwj25_et7PD3AhUcKqYKHc6CCKIQwg8oAHoECAEQGA&dct=1&adurl=&ms=CoACgePiQIt9Kp7Tr65rJt9RjLib5hZKd9kpekEL5OQeB-M5APpturNigXzys_mTgXx7murFrtR-VPdfJyNNCcdQL-3rNCgGxfwd9d4qAA6stpk5TizvXYoGl7WGKvyCcHz0JEomq14tMP7ekAFoxogoDzjIm0Oq-onennFJxW_aZZcehOofsxRfriGrD1yF07WAsqOAMuv0vUQelGtY33NCblJO-rCdoWkj2NdnperGS3isP36fDqTzVUllSowAJhleWV2mj13LCBVLYccXqidSODOPC646oL84jjXJmJx7RmbjbfWQkUZlkK_gigmEVdXsgXLfjy97rBAyJo3ZhzQVHAqAAn5zNoLaK1lxlYQNseD0KepW45kmAzLVtqSu8E-23OBSyjUdtllCjhd3etz0z5hvbWNxkaWhzAmwnssRAEtFfkFgqPeOknkNq5jtuQoQYVdJaVziCjsJjvJlJrYn3VK1XokUGkVnq3VDDl6XBeJ3aYaqDgSGezJnVibIh0vUfb0MC1Plg7v_qcypBT4mKFdfwKOLmMYHfZqNXCXvb_FJxFT73sND79LCzhhDN-W9mbCqFC_p-oTstmCyz630AqQ4bZkQdQgj9vjfacb5yNp0tBJ2EmPhgl5XHbdk5n52Vd1eUoikis2HUGZOKlMCe2SiBxdKQ7bHuGZyCfh9GlO_atsSEHQzBbNNEJvd1Eti-bUKaYo

consume these organic almonds daily.

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