7 Reason Why Is Chia Seed Good For Your Health-

Is chia seed good for health ?

Is chia seed help in weight loss and good for pregnant women ?

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When you hear the word “chia,” you might think of the green fur or hair of Chia Pets, collectable clay figures. But did you know that chia seeds may also be a healthy addition to your diet?

Chia seeds are derived from the desert plant Salvia Hispanic, which belongs to the mint family. Salvia Hispanic seed commonly sold under the common name “chia,” as well as a number of trademarked brands. It have originated in Central America, where the seed was a mainstay of the ancient Aztec diet. Native Americans in the southwestern United States generally utilized the seeds of a similar plant, Salvia columbariae (golden chia).

golden chia have acquired popularity as a high-quality source of omega-3 fatty acids. They also include protein and minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, and zinc. it have 10 grammes of fiber per ounce (approximately 2 tablespoons).

According to new study, including chia seeds into a healthy eating plan may help improve cardiovascular risk factors such as cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure. However, there are few published studies on the health advantages of chia seed consumption, and much of the current material is based on animal studies or human studies with a limited number of research participants.

Reason using chia seed

There are some reason why chis seed is good for health .

Chia seeds are little. yet they are packed with nutrients. For millennia, these seeds are extol for their health benefits as a mainstay in the ancient Aztec and Maya diets.

Chia seeds’ antioxidants, minerals, fibre, and omega-3 fatty acids may benefit heart health, strengthen bones, and improve blood sugar management.

Furthermore, chia seeds are adaptable. it may utilized in a variety of dishes. I enjoy their gel-like consistency by combining them with liquid and producing chia pudding.

A Lot of nutrition –

Historically, the Aztec and Mayan civilizations employed the seeds in their meals, as well as for medical purposes, religious rites, and cosmetics. Chia seeds are now enjoying by people all over the world . Chia seeds considers to be particularly nutritious by ancient cultures, and this notion is supported by current science. In fact, 1 ounce (28 grammes or 2 tablespoons) of chia seeds contains : 138 calories protein: 4.7 grammes fat: 8.7 grammes alpha-linolenic acid (ALA): 5 grammes carbs: 11.9 grammes fiber017477: 9.8 grammes calcium: 14 percent of the Daily Value (DV) iron: 12% of the DV magnesium: 23% of the DV Phosphorus: 20% , 12% of the DV vitamin B1 (thiamine): 15% of the DV, vitamin B3 (niacin): 16% of the DV

This nutrient content is especially excellent since it is for a single serving of around two teaspoons.

Despite their small size, chia seeds pack with nutrients. They’re high in fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and other micronutrients.

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Antioxidant Rich

Chia seeds are also high in antioxidants . Antioxidants not only keep the delicate lipids in chia seeds from getting rancid, but they also boost human health by neutralizing reactive molecules known as free radicals, which may destroy cell structures if they accumulate in your body. For example, free radical damage contributes to ageing and illnesses such as cancer . Chia seeds include antioxidants such chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, myricetin, quercetin, and kaempferol. These may all have heart and liver protecting characteristics, as well as anticancer capabilities . Chlorogenic acid, for example, may help decrease blood pressure, whilst caffeic acid has anti-inflammatory properties.

Chia seeds contain a lot of antioxidants. These chemicals safeguard the seed’s delicate lipids while also providing human health advantages.

Aid in weight loss

Chia seeds’ fibre and protein content may be beneficial to persons wanting to lose weight. One ounce (28 grammes) of chia seeds contains approximately 10 grammes of nutritional fiber. This implies they contain a remarkable 35% fibre by weight.

Furthermore, the protein in chia seeds may aid to lower hunger and food consumption. In one research of 24 people, consuming 0.33 ounces (7 grammes) or 0.5 ounces (14 grammes) of chia seeds combined with yoghurt for breakfast boosted feelings of fullness and decreased food consumption in the short term when compared to eating chia-free yoghurt.

.Though adding chia seeds to your diet is unlikely to result in weight reduction on its own, it will be a valuable addition to a balanced, healthy diet if you’re trying to lose weight.

Description  chia seeds are abundant in protein and fiber, which have been proved to aid in weight loss. However, research on chia seeds and weight loss has yielded conflicting findings.

May reduce your risk of heart disease

Because chia seeds are abundant in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, eating them may lower your risk of heart disease. Soluble fiber, such as that found in chia seeds, can help decrease total and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels in the blood. As a result, you may be less likely to develop a cardiac issue . Consuming ALA, the omega-3 carboxylic acid found in chia seeds, has also been related to a lower risk of cardiopathy . Nonetheless, research particularly investigating the relationship between chia seeds and heart health have yielded conflicting results.

A few human studies discovered that chia seed supplements dramatically decreased blood pressure in persons with hypertension, or high blood pressure, which may be a risk factor for heart disease.

chia seeds may be beneficial to cardiovascular health, but further research is needed.

SUMMARY – Chia seeds may lessen the risk of heart disease due to the fiber and ALA they contain. More human research, however, is necessary.

chia seed Contains a variety of vital bone nutrients-

Chia seeds are abundant in a variety of elements that are beneficial to bone health, including: Furthermore, the ALA included in chia seeds may aid with bone health. Consuming this vitamin has even been linked to improved bone mineral density in observational studies As a result, consuming chia seeds on a regular basis may help maintain your bones healthy.

SUMMARY – Chia seeds have high levels of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).

May Lower Glucose Levels

Chia seeds may aid with glucose management due to their fiber content and other helpful components. Diabetes patients may have excessive glucose levels. High fasting blood glucose levels link to an increased risk of numerous problems, including heart disease .Diabetes patients may suffer elevated blood sugar levels. Consistently high fasting blood sugar levels link to an increased risk of various problems, including heart disease .

This may assist to normalize blood sugar levels after meals. Human research has limit, however some earlier studies have showed encouraging benefits.

Nonetheless, additional study is require to learn more about the relationship between these healthy seeds and blood sugar management.

Chia seeds may aid with blood sugar management, according to animal studies, but additional human study is need

Simple to chia seed include in your diet

Chia seeds are really simple to include in your diet. They have a mild flavor and may be added to almost anything. this seed don’t require grinding, cooking, or other preparation, making them an ideal addition to recipes. They can consumed raw, soaked in juice, or mixed into porridge, pudding, smoothies, or baked products. Sprinkle them over cereal, yoghurt, veggies, or rice meals. In addition, they function well as a binding agent in handmade fritters. They may be used to thicken sauces and as an egg replacement due to their capacity to absorb water and fat. They can also be dissolved in water to form a gel.


Chia seeds are simple to prepare, it used as an egg substitute, as well as in porridge or smoothies. Chia seeds contain essential nutrients. It has a lot of protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids. Chia seeds aid in weight reduction because they contain protein, which suppresses hunger and food intake. This Superfood is high in minerals that promote bone and joint health. The nicest thing about chia seeds is that they are simple to integrate into your diet

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Chia seeds contain essential nutrients. It has a lot of protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids. Chia seeds aid in weight reduction because they contain protein, which suppresses hunger and food intake. This Superfood is high in minerals that promote bone and joint health. The nicest thing about chia seeds is that they are simple to integrate into your diet.

They may be eaten raw, added to protein drinks and smoothies, or sprinkled on curd, salads, and porridge. Chia seeds may be consumed in any manner, regardless of what you eat.

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how to consume chia seed –

Chia seeds may consumed raw or cooked into a variety of meals. its, crushed or whole, can sprinkled on cereal, rice, yoghurt, or vegetables. Chia fresco is a drink produce in Mexico by soaking, in fruit juice or water. When soaked in water, chia seeds become gelatinous and absorbent, making them easier to incorporate into baked cereal or other foods.

The seeds are not the only edible portion of the chia plant; the sprouts are as well. Mix them into salads, sandwiches, and other foods.

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