Best jaggery powder for managing diabetes

Are you a diabetic person and struggling with managing blood sugar? Do you want to replace your normal sugar with jaggery powder?

Many people around the world suffer from diabetes. Diabetes is one of the most prevalent health condition among millions of people. Due to modern diet and improper lifestyle diabetes has taken strong hold in the present day. But substituting refined sugar with jaggery powder might help you.

But there comes many restrictions in food for a diabetic patient. Everything has a price. And for people with diabetes they have to give up refined sugar completely. Refined sugar is the culprit in triggering diabetes in the first place. But is there a substitute for refined sugar? The answer is yes to some extent.

Jaggery powder is an organic sugar. Lets see how it is a much better option than refined sugar. The best brand of jaggery powder is “organic khandsari sugar”. It is available in foodvez website. And the link to the product is:

It is also known as gur in common language.

How is it prepared?

Organic khandsari sugar is prepared from pure unrefined sugarcane juice. It is first extracted from sugarcane in liquid form. And then the liquid is heated to vaporize the water content in the juice. Hence after the heating procedure it is allowed to cool down. Thus you get a solid base of jaggery powder which can either be crushed or packed directly.

Health benefits of jaggery powder:

  • It is a more natural source of carbohydrate. Unlike refine sugar it cannot be easily broken down and hence it takes more time to be digested. Thus it takes a longer time to release energy in the body.
  • It is not only plain carbohydrates, it also consists abundance of nutrients. It contains essential minerals like iron, calcium, phosphorus. The most important advantage of organic jaggery powder is that it is unrefined. Hence unlike refined sugar jaggery powder can retain its minerals and nutrients in the whole process.
  • Organic jaggery powder is a storehouse of natural contents. It acts as a potent natural cleanser of your body. It flushes out harmful toxins from the body and also helps in easing constipation symptoms.
  • It has anti oxidant properties too which helps the body in fighting free radical damage.
  • Organic jaggery powder is also known to have anti allergen properties. This anti allergen properties of jaggery powder helps to reduce symptoms of respiratory illnesses or asthma. Although it is not the cure but it will definitely help in easing out some of the symptoms.
  • Surprisingly organic jaggery powder is also good for immunity. As it contains selenium and zinc which are very essential nutrients for building the immunity. Thus it is an excellent substitute of refined sugar because along with sweetness it provides immunity too.
  • Organic jaggery powder might also help in losing weight and maintaining a healthy status of the body.

All these benefits of organic jaggery makes it suitable for diabetic patients if they want a better substitute for refined sugar.

What is diabetes?

  • Diabetes is a health condition where your body cannot process sugar properly and hence high amounts of it gets accumulated in the blood. People suffering from diabetes have low insulin sensitivity.
  • Insulin transports glucose from blood vessels to different parts or cells of the body where glucose is required as a source of energy.
  • But inability to produce enough insulin results in increased accumulation of sugar in the blood. There are two types of diabetes: type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Diabetes patients suffer a range of symptoms like dizziness, weakness, blood pressure, heart problems and many other issues. 

How is it managed?

  • The good news is that many people with diabetes live a normal life with proper medication and diet. Diet plays the most important role in managing blood sugar levels. Because it’s the amount of sugar you consume is what you mostly need to check and keep under control.
  • If you consume less starchy and sugary foods then lesser the chance of glucose spike in your body. Lowering carbohydrate intake and increasing protein and fiber in the diet is very helpful for managing sugar. The more you increase fiber in your diet the better it is.
  • Because fiber reduces the absorption of sugar in the gut and pushes the sugar along with it. Protein is also important because diabetic patients tend to lose protein from the body more quickly. Hence supplementing with high protein foods is also important to be considered.

There are also certain herbs and ayurvedic supplements that tends to manage the symptoms of diabetes. Some herbs helps to increase insulin sensitivity and also helps in boosting the production of insulin in the pancreas. It is to be noted that pancreas produces insulin in the body.

With modern medications diabetes has turned out to be greatly manageable and people live a healthy life.

Thus jaggery powder may seem to be a better substitute for managing sugar levels. But still jaggery powder is also a form of carbohydrates and it is not free from sugar. So you need to be cautious when consuming jaggery powder as it is not free from sugar. Taking the advice of a doctor if jaggery powder is suitable for you will always be a better option to explore.

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