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Eating pancakes healthily

Do you not want to miss out on eating pancakes and still want to stay fit and in good shape? Has giving up on sweets become a compulsion due to the high calories in them?

A tip for eating pancakes the healthy way is that they can be prepared in a healthy and nourishing way which provides taste, flavour and a fresh aroma. There are different ways of preparing pancakes depending on each one’s choice and preference.

After having a sumptuous and satisfying meal, a dessert is something that one looks forward to. Desserts are not only liked but relished to the fullest by most and especially if they are pancakes then it is like a cherry on the cake. Pancakes are served with a range of toppings from honey to maple syrup to butter etc. Any dessert, including pancakes, is loaded with calories and that is what could often make people guilty after enjoying them as eating too many pancakes can lead to several ailments of which one may not be aware.

The variation in pancakes is what makes them unique and instils an instant fondness in one. There are several innovative ways of making pancakes healthier and tastier.

  1. Add fruit– in order to level up the percentage of anti-oxidants, put in some blueberries but do not limit yourself to just this, go on and experiment with other fruits such as cut strawberries or raspberries, peaches or even bananas.

2. Mix seeds– seeds provide fibre and protein together with healthy fats. Minute seeds like poppy, chia or flaxseeds work well and are safe too. If the chia seeds are soaked first then they can even be used as a substitute in place of egg.

3. Prepare them gluten-free- one can make pancakes if elements such as brown rice and coconut flour are added which are rich in fibre. In this way, one can make their pancakes healthier and more nutritious.

4. Avoiding sugar- sugar in pancakes can be replaced by sweet flavourings such as nutmeg, cinnamon or vanilla. This will balance out the level of sweetness yet the pancakes will taste sweet and not too sugary.

5. Adding some vegetables to the pancakes– while this might sound weird, but pancakes can be even made in the savoury style for those who cannot eat sweets due to health issues. One can add carrots, bell peppers, tomatoes, onion etc so that the pancakes become more nourishing and wholesome.

6. Use dark chocolate as a topping – dark chocolate is beneficial in many ways. Thus, it is important to select a good quality dark chocolate. It needs to be melted in the microwave and then poured over the pancakes. Some slices of banana can also be added for those who like bananas.

7. Top it with a coating of honey– not everyone might prefer or like maple syrup and therefore an ideal alternative to it is honey. Instead of sugary syrups, honey which is not too processed or does not contain too many additives can be used.

Those who do not get ample time to make pancakes at home from scratch can even try out the ready-to-eat pancake mixes which do not contain any toxic substances or additives. They are easy to make and always come useful.

Here are some pancake product suggestions

1.            Chocolate pancake mix

Pancakes are quite a favourite of many including children, adults or senior citizens. It can be eaten at any time during the day. While it may appear very unhealthy because it’s a dessert and contains tons of calories, however, this pancake mix is not like any other pancake ready to eat pack. The kind of ingredients contained in this mix is what makes the pancake mix substantial and delicious. Some of the ingredients that constitute this mix are wheat, ragi, foxtail millet, almonds, sesame seeds, cocoa, sorghum, cocoa and jaggery. An added advantage is that these pancakes are sugar-free therefore those who are diet conscious and may not be able to eat many sweets due to health reasons, they too can enjoy this delightful dessert guilt-free.

Well, now one certainly doesn’t need to feel bad or guilty for having had too many of those pancakes !

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2. Vanilla Pancake mix

This pancake mix is a vanilla flavoured mixture that contains ingredients similar to that of the pancake mix mentioned above. This pancake is cholesterol-free and sugar-free. One can have it with any accompaniments of their choice.

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Thus, pancakes can be considered a healthy snack or breakfast option or even dessert depending on how it is prepared and the kind of ingredients used in the process of preparation.

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