Good metabolism, good health

Do you eat a lot of food and keep on stressing about your weight as well?

Why does it happen?

Eating foods excessively and then not doing workouts or excerise leads to low metabolism in the human body.

Woman running

if a person eats a lot but is not doing exercise, he/she won’t be able to eat anything after that or avoid their meal just so they won’t overweight.

Let us now look, what are the signs of slow metabolism.

1 Exhaustion: A person who constantly feels tired and avoids doing any work can have a slow metabolism.

2 Headaches: Headaches are another sign you can have a slow metabolism. Due to the thyroid gland’s non-activeness, it leads to migraine or frequent headaches, resulting in slow metabolism.

3 Constipation: It is yet another sign. If you feel constipated for no reason, you may have a slow metabolic rate leading to constipation because food needs time in breaking down and if it doesn’t get enough time to break, it results in it.

4 Depression: Having constant bad gut feelings can affect your mind and mood in a way.

5 Thin hair: When a lot of hair fall happens, you may have thin hair caused by low thyroid hormone levels.

Close up of bald young man

Why you can have a slow metabolism?

Intake of low calories: Intake of fewer calories can decrease your metabolic rate. When you suddenly lessen your calorie intake, your body detects that there’s lesser food and burns food slowly.

No attention to proteins: When you don’t pay attention to your protein intake which is why protein is very important for your health. But eating high protein food can lead to a higher rate of breaking down your calorie, and increasing the metabolic rate. So, eat a proper and sufficient amount of protein daily.

Quality sleep: Enough sleep is required for good health. Or else it may lead to depression, diabetes or heart disease. An insufficient amount of sleep can lower your metabolic rate.

Sugary drinks: Eating or drinking a lot of sugary items lowers metabolic rate, and also leads to diabetes.

Strength: Good muscle health would lead to better body strength.

Now, let’s head onto the question of which product can be helpful for your metabolism?

Lipton Pure & Light Loose Green Tea: It improves metabolic rate. Keeps you away from heart disease, and improves digestion.

Lipton green tea

Natural Lean Green Tea Sticks: Boosts metabolic rate, maintains weight, strengthens and improves body performance.

Lean green tea

Organic Tasteful Chamomile: Helps during menstruation, mentally and physically improves.

Rose tea

Badrika Pure Natural Pomegranate And Rhododendron/Burans Flowers Squash Combo Pack: Pomegranate contains good amount of antioxidant Vitamin C, Vitamin B-complex and phytonutrient flavonoids. Improves metabolism.

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