Healthy Tips to Maintain Cholesterol!

Is it really a tough nut to crack to maintain cholesterol levels in your body? Well, it all depends on you how much you love your body. That makes you be more conscious of maintaining your body weight. So here’s a quick guide for you all to get you covered with the most struggling problem of cholesterol and to maintain it!

What is cholesterol?

The extra fat that is stored in our body because of unhealthy eating habits like consumption of preservatives and fast food over the main course.

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance that is present in every cell of the body. There are two variations HDL – good cholesterol and LDL – bad cholesterol

Although the presence of cholesterol is also important because it is important to make hormones and our body needs cholesterol to build healthy cells also.

Since cholesterol is present in every cell, it is very important to maintain and differentiate between good and bad cholesterol.

Excess of everything is bad, just like that quote excess cholesterol increases the risk of cardio disorders.

Just some changes to your lifestyle and you’re all buck up to relieve your body from bad cholesterol!

What can you avoid to be saved from high cholesterol?

Trans fat:

The worst form of fat is where the liquid is changed to solid and in the form of unsaturated fat. Trans fat is also known as trans fatty acids. Hydrogenated oils are high in trans fat and do blunders to our working system by clogging the arteries, and pulmonary veins leading to a rise in bad cholesterol.

Reduction of saturated fats:

Now, this is present in all the basic foods like full dairy products, and red meat and can raise the level of cholesterol LDL the bad one. Reducing the consumption of high saturated foods and replacing them with nutritious food can help improve the working of the body system.

Avoid smoking

Smoking should be avoided rather it should be given up by everyone. ‘Smoking is injurious to health’ has been heard everywhere but implied nowhere.

Doesn’t that sound good! To live a life that is actually disease-free and quite normal.

Since smoking leads to a high rise in cholesterol and risks heart functioning. So why not give up on the unwanted habit of smoking!

What can be done to fix it?

Now there are hundreds of ways you can fix your problems but when everything is in your hands why make it stressful and spendthrift!

Just a lifestyle change and you are sorted and set to rock!

Tips to maintain cholesterol!

Eat green veggies: a bowl of veggies is all you need. Lettuce, spinach, beans and all these in a stewed bowl or solely prepared are damn good for health. They are antioxidants that boost up your metabolism removing all the toxins. They have several vitamins and mineral properties.

Therefore green veggies to your rescue!


From ancient India until modern yoga has proven to never fail from spreading its goodness. It has uncountable benefits for us until we have time to practise it daily and make yoga a part of our lives. Ever since ancient people and modern people have been discussing its asanas, postures and positions in context to every problem. Yoga is one key to beating the heat of bad or extra cholesterol in our body.

So make yoga a part of your lives to make sound even better!

Weight shredding:

Because of unhealthy eating, it is very obvious that bodyweight does arise leading to risks of all the hormones and body balance losing momentum. This leads to an imbalance of hormones and cholesterol levels as well. So it is very important to exercise at least 5days a week to maintain the body weight and shred the extra fat. Sweating out and removing the toxins is the best way to heal from any kind of ailments.

So what are you waiting for it’s not that tough to get your journey through cholesterol! Here are some enlisted products that can really help you with your health journey.

Until then just be calm, be gentle and conscious of yourself!

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