Insulin, Insulin resistance and Type 2 Diabetes

What is insulin?

Insulin is a hormone made in the pancreas, a gland located behind the stomach. Insulin
keeps blood sugars from going too high. It’s meant to detoxify excess sugar. Insulin is very
important to help regulate the blood sugars and to help with the absorption of nutrients.

How does it work?

The food one eats is broken down into blood sugar. Blood sugar enters in the bloodstream,
which signals the pancreas to release insulin. Insulin helps blood sugar enter the body’s
cells so that it can be used for energy. Blood sugar enters cells and sugar levels in the
bloodstream decrease, signalling insulin to decrease too. Insulin also signals the liver to
store blood sugar for later use. Lower insulin levels alert the liver to release stored blood
sugar so that energy is available, even if one has not eaten for a while.

What is insulin resistance(IR)?

Insulin resistance is the body’s defence mechanism against excess sugar(glucose). Insulin
resistance is a situation where the receptor for insulin in the body’s cells is blocking insulin. If
a person is consuming a lot of carbohydrates and eats frequently, they could have a huge
amount of insulin being released. The insulin is working very hard to keep the sugar down.
But, high levels of insulin are toxic to the body as well. So, the body starts to reduce insulin
by creating resistance. This is called insulin resistance.
Pancreas begins to produce more and more insulin to try to keep the sugar at normal level.
This could go on for a long time. Then one day the pancreas is exhausted and can’t pump
out that much insulin.
If one keeps consuming carbohydrates and eating frequently, the blood sugar is going to go
up. Over time this could turn into diabetes.

How to improve insulin sensitivity naturally ?

  1. Resistance training
  2. Increase sleep
  3. Decrease stress
  4. Reduce glucose
  5. Decrease inflammation
  6. Fasting
  7. Consume more fibre rich vegetables
  8. Apple cider vinegar
  9. Omega 3
  10. Cinnamon
  11. Vitamin D

    Most ignored minerals in Diabetes and Insulin resistance:

    Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin D and Vitamin K2
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    supplements for diabetes and many more products that I mentioned above are available.
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    Author:- Vimala

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