Is multigrain flour healthier option for making pancakes?

Do you want to eat pancakes that are  both tasty and healthy?

Then pancakes made with multigrain flour are the right choice.


Sensory qualities of multigrain flour pancakes

In the recent market, where consumers prefer healthy eating habits,  multigrain flour is an ideal choice for making pancakes. Multigrain flour is a blend of different grains such as Whole wheat, Bengal Gram or Chickpea, Barley, Finger Millets, Maize or Corn, Oats etc. As multigrain flour is a combination of diverse whole grains, pancakes made are of high quality and appeal. These pancakes are rich in colour, flavour and texture.  They are also nutritionally superior compared to normal pancakes.

Nutritional qualtities of multigrain flour pancakes

Each grain will  be having unique nutritional properties and health benefits. Due to the presence of different grains, multigrain flour  will be able to provide more nutrition than single grain flour. Pancakes made with multigrain flour will be rich in dietary fibres. These fibres  provides higher satiety levels, which in turn helps in weight loss and management. In addition to that fibre content helps in easy bowel movement and  prevents constipation.  Multigrain  flour is packed with complex carbohydrates which  acts as energy in the body, without compromising blood sugar rise. Inclusion of millets add benefit to multigrain flour. This is because millets such as finger millet is rich in calcium, non starchy carbohydrates and have low glycemic index . Millets are gluten free, hence people with gluten intolerance or celiac disease can also eat multigrain flour pancakes. Multigrain flour is also sufficient in antioxidants, dietary fibres, vitamins, and minerals.

Health benefits of multigrain flour pancakes

Pancakes made with multigrain flours  have higher concentrations of dietary fibers and bioactive compounds . Hence these cakes improves gut health and  aid in smooth digestion. Barley present in multigrain flour is rich in insoluble fiber that can lower the risk of developing gallstones. In addition to that, barley flour is rich in lignans that lowers the risk of colon and rectal cancer. These pancakes are also great source of protein that helps in development and repair of tissues. As multigrain flour can control rise in blood sugar and cholesterol level, pancakes made of this flour will be an ideal choice for people suffering from diabetes. Multigrain flour pancakes  is known as  a heart-healthy food product. This is because it significantly contibutes in optimal functioning of the heart. Multigrain flour has higher iron content. So eating pancakes made with multigrain flour can boost immunity. Researchers suggest that besan or chick pea present in multi grain flour has  antioxidants that can neutralize free radicals and the harmful effects of acrylamide.

How to make multigrain flour pancakes ?

In order to make multigrain flour pancakes you need 2 cups of multigrain flour, 1 1/2 tablespoon of brown sugar, ½ teaspoon of baking powder, ¼ teaspoon salt, 1 egg. ¼ cup yoghurt, 1/3 cup milk, ¼ teaspoon grated lime zest, 2 dash nutmeg powder and 2 tablespoon of refined oil. First step is to prepare batter by mixing multi grain flour, brown sugar, baking powder and salt in a bowl. Then mix egg, yogurt, milk, lime zest, nutmeg powder and oil. Pour this mix to the flour mixture and whisk it thoroughly until the batter obtains a semi thick consistency. Pour batter in a heated non stick pan and spread lightly. Cook for a minute, flip both sides and then transfer to a serving plate. You can even add toppings and honey or syrup to the pancake. Pancakes made with multigrain flour is a perfect healthy breakfast.

Where can you get multigrain flour of good quality at affordable price?

Mutigrain flour (400g)

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