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Micronized Creatine: Overview

Creatine you must have to listen to the name right, did you all know there are different types of creatine present in the market and Micronized creatine is one of them. Did you all know what happens to the body when we intake it? So just continue and see what makes you all choose this creatine and how the body reacts when we intake it.

It is one of the types of creatine which helps you to gain more energy which helps you while doing heavy physical activity or heavy exercise. This supplement will help you gain muscle and to increase muscle volume. It shows benefits and has some side-effects too but in some cases only.

micronized creatine

Some points to remember before buying micronized creatine

What is micronized creatine?

Its particles are 20 times smaller than normal creatine. The purpose of these small is that they get absorbed better in the liquid as you face the problem of cramps in the glass in which you dissolved it as they will mix well with the liquid. Manufacturers also claim that because of its small particles your body absorbs more creatine. 

For athletes taking micronized creatine supplements good or not?

A lot of athletes intake this to gain more energy during their workouts or games. Some study claims that they are not for health, but sports doctor believes that intake of of supplement provide them more energy and is beneficial for them during the workout.

National institutes of health say that creatine deficiency causes neurological damage and cell damage too but it’s rare to found. Before intake of the supplement, you must ask people near you. Firstly, gather information then proceed further


  1. As it contains small particles which easily get absorbed by your body tissues and then they easily synthesized into energy.
  2. It is absorbed easily in liquids like water, milk, and fruit juice and mixed with them easily and quickly without any cramps left. Normal creatine takes a minute to dissolve and we have to stir it once or twice for better mixing.
  3. As we are not taking micronized creatine sometimes it didn’t set down but normal supplement starts to set down if kept settled for some time.
  4. If you intake a smaller dose of this supplement you will be got benefited from increased stamina and greater muscular mass because of this only it is more effective than a normal one.
  5. As micronized creatine is the milled version of monohydrate creatine and because of this, you get benefits of both with some additional ones too.


You all have seen there are different types of creatine brands are present and everyone claims that they will not show any side effects. But everything written on the packet isn’t true and you all know it. So do a proper check before taking any type of supplement.

There are some side effects which is reported after intake :

  1. Problem of gas
  2. Bloating
  3. General stomach upset
  4. Some allergic reactions
  5. Loss of appetite
  6. Muscle cramps
  7. You will see you are gaining weight
  8. Dehydration
  9. Electrolyte imbalance
  10. Muscle tears

If you are taking supplements for a longer time your kidney can damage too. Long-term intake of creatine also led to an increase in the production of formaldehyde in your body which can lead to serious health problems and sometimes death too. For pregnant ladies, diabetes, liver disease those who are suffering from this for them creatine is not for their health.

How micronized creatine is used by you?

  1. Initial phase: for the first 5 days take 5 grams of the supplement 4 or 5 times a day with 250 ml of liquid whether you prefer milk, water, or fruit juice.
  2. Maintenance phase: then after 5 days take 5 grams, once or twice a day daily for 3 weeks with 250 ml liquid of your choice.
  3. Break phase: after the initial and maintenance phases, you should completely stop taking micronized creatine for a net 3 weeks.
  4. Resume phase: after this, you should start your cycle in the same manner for the same interval of time.

Point to note:

when you are taking this product you all should drink at least 12-15 glasses of water every day.

Which supplement to buy?

Micronized creatine monohydrate

  1. reduce recovery time
  2. enhances power and strength
  3. enhances workout performance.

Nutrition planet micronized creatine monohydrate orange

  1. Synthesis of ATP increases.
  2. cellular volume and size increases.
  3. enhance anerobic power output.

Optimum Nutrition (ON) micronized creatine powder

  1. helps support the ATP cycle.
  2. supports athletic performance.

The bottom line:

I try my best to provide you with all the important information about micronized creatine, how it affects your body, and what it helps your body. Athletes intake it so that they can produce more energy for their workout. Every product present in the market comes with side effects and it’s up to you to know which you select. Find out the best for you.

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