Are you wondering how pistachio can benefit your health and wellness! Read out to know the unbelievale benefits of pistachios.

What are PISTACHIO’s:

Pistachios are nuts, botanically considered as seeds on a pistachio plant. Pistachio nuts are tasty and healthy at the same time. It’s known for its green and slightly  sweet texture. Pistachio tree is known to  originate in western Asia, and archaeologists believe that its consumption began from 7,000 B.C.The commercial production of pistachios started in mid-19th century in United States. Sooner it became available at all grocery stores where you can buy bulk of pistachios.

Pistachios are known as healthy edible seeds with different  ranging colors from yellow to green shade. Apart from that it contains numerous health benefits whether its weight loss, heart or gut health. 



  • High in Antioxidants 

Antioxidants are vital for good health and wellness. Pistachios contain more Anti oxidants as compared to any other nuts or seeds.  Pistachios plays a key role in preventing diseases and cell damage.

A recent study on people, shows that  consumption of pistachios helps in increasing the level of lutein and γ-Tocopheroll. Among various nuts and seeds pistachios are known to contain rich nutrients.

  • Tasty and nutritious

Another Pistachios benefits include its nutritious and tasty flavors. Pistachios are enjoyed in various ways either as snack or dessert topping. Apart from snack, pistachios can also be used to form nut butter which is also healthy with rich extracts.

  • Helps in weight loss

Pistachios are known for its rich extract of fiber and protein, these nutrients helps in providing energy to the body and makes you stomach full. 

Some fact and studies demonstrated malabsorption of fats from nuts. This happens because the fat content is stuck between cell walls and prevents it from being digestive for the gut.

  • Maintains Cholestrol and Blood pressure level

Pistachios are high in antioxidants. These antioxidants prevents the risk of heart disease and lowers up cholesterol. Recent studies conducted doesn’t show any harm to blood lipid level by eating pistachios.

  • Maintains blood vessel growth

Pistachio nuts are rich in L-arginine. They play an important role in maintaining blood vessel growth. Also when L- arginine converts  into nitric oxide, it helps in  dilating blood vessels.

  • Lowers Blood sugar

Pistachios lowers blood sugar despite having high carbohydrates content. This happens because pistachio nuts usually has a low glycemic index. This prevents 

pistachios from large blood sugar spikes in the body.Therefore, by adding pistachios to your diet it may help  you maintain your blood sugar levels for longer term.



  • Digestion & Bowel problems 

Pistachios has high calorie value. Therefore, eating too many pistachios can create digestion problems and bloating in your body. This bowel problems after eating pistachios is often due to high fiber. These bacteria creates butyrate ( short chain fatty acids) which creates bowel syndrome.

  • Creates kidney problems

Pistachios are known for it’s high potassium component. Pistachios doesn’t create kidney problem but it’s known that people who have dysfunctional kidney often suffers due to its potassium rich component. Potassium in a normal kidney releases stress and helps in maintaining electrolytes. But a dysfunctional kidney cannot remove excess potassium which creates health issues on the other hand.

  • Increases Blood pressure

This sideeffect of pistachio is commonly unknown as well as contradictory. Pistachios are good for controlling blood pressure but we can’t forget sodium portion in pistachio. Eating pistachios in high portion can create high blood pressure. So a stable and limited eating of pistachios is often recommended to people with blood pressure.

  • Develops Frutan

Pistachios contain Frutan due to which doctors and nutritionists often caution people on pistachio consumption. This minor sensitivity caused by Fructan may create ample of health issues some of it may include: bloating, flatulence, diarrhea, constipation or Abdominal pain.


Pistachios contains healthy nutrients and is considered as a tasty nut. Eating them in abundance will obviously create consequences but because of its healthy nutrients we can’t abandon eating them. Therefore, it’s often essential to know what should be the portion in which we eat pistachios:

It’s often recommended by Nutritionist to eat about 2 ounces approx 56 gram pistachios everyday. It is also suggested by nutritionist to drink sufficient water otherwise it may cause bowel problem.

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