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Pregnancy Diet: 7 foods to boost your Immunity

You must take special care of yourself while pregnant since you are responsible not just for yourself but also for your unborn child. Your immunity, as well as that of your child, is of the utmost importance. 

Your immune system acts as a protective shield, offering resistance to sickness, pathogens, poisons, and infections. The immune system, your body’s own defence system, is one of the most critical systems in your body, without which organ function and overall health can be jeopardised.

During pregnancy, our immune system undergoes significant modifications. If it didn’t, our immune system would attack our infant as if it were a foreign object! These immune system alterations make us more resistant to some diseases but less capable of fighting others. As a result of the body’s attempt to safeguard the foetus, pregnant women have a weaker immune system. The flu, toxoplasmosis, urinary tract infections, the common cold, and Covid 19 are just a few of the illnesses you’re more likely to contract when pregnant. A healthy foetus requires a strong immune system. So, if your baby’s growth isn’t up to par and his or her development is delayed or stunted, blame it on your weakened immune system. 

Fortunately, a few nutritious meals, exercise, and supplements can help improve your immune system (without damaging the baby growing inside you).

Here are some of the finest immune-boosting meals for expecting mothers:


Proteins are the building components of the human body. Antibodies, enzymes, and hormones all rely on proteins for their function. Amino acids, which are found in proteins, help to build immunity. Protein benefits immune cells such as leukocytes, cytokines, and phagocytes, which are required for good immunological function and infection resistance. To fulfil your body’s increased demands, you should take more protein throughout pregnancy. Your body requires it not only for energy and strength but also for the development and growth of your baby’s brain. Immunity-boosting foods include almonds, green leafy vegetables, and legumes, in addition to meats and eggs. Lentils, pulses, sprouts, millets, soya, eggs, and chicken are all rich sources of protein.


During their entire 9-month pregnancy, most pregnant women have gassiness and bloating. You may be asking yourself, “Why garlic?” This substance contains a high amount of sulphur, which not only relieves gas but also provides warmth to the body. It’s also a wonderful way to boost your immunity. According to research, eating 4-5 garlic cloves each day can help minimise the risk of catching a cold. This is thought to be owing to the antibacterial effects of allicin, a chemical found in garlic. Garlic is also beneficial to our gut bacteria, making it an excellent food to incorporate into your pregnant diet.

Cow’s milk

Do you know that drinking a glass of cow milk might boost your immunity during the winter? Lactoferrin, a chemical found in cow’s milk, appears to improve immunity by disrupting the contact between viral cells and body cells, making viruses less able to harm the body. Every day, drink one or two glasses of wine! You can also use this to make turmeric milk to strengthen your immunity.

Kiwi Fruit 

Although everyone understands how vital vitamin C is for a healthy immune system, it’s crucial to remember that we only require a small amount. Vitamin C is found in many fruits and vegetables, but one of my favourites is kiwi fruit. Vitamin C is rich in kiwifruit, which boosts the body’s immunological response. The kiwifruit, for an instance, has about 230 per cent of the daily necessary Vitamin C intake. Every bite of this vibrant fruit is packed with immune-boosting elements. Antioxidants are abundant in kiwis. One kiwi offers almost half of your daily vitamin C needs, yet it tastes considerably better than a tablet.


Ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory effects. Morning sickness and nausea can be relieved with ginger. You can also obtain relief from stomach problems by using ginger in your diet. Ginger has a reputation for aiding digestion and keeping the body warm. As a result, consuming fresh ginger boosts or fortifies your immune system by providing much-needed assistance. The gingerol found in the root is a potent antioxidant with antibacterial and antiviral capabilities, according to studies.

Green leafy vegetables

No matter how much you despise them, green leafy vegetables have a long history of boosting immunity. They are high in vitamins and minerals and aid to improve immunological function. Supplements like zinc and vitamin D can help your immune system throughout pregnancy. Broccoli, Collard Greens, Kale, and Swiss Chard are some green leafy vegetables you may include in your diet to boost your immunity.


Turmeric contains a molecule called curcumin, which is responsible for the majority of the yellow spice’s health benefits. Curcumin has anti-inflammatory effects that may aid in immune enhancement. Turmeric has long been used to heal infected wounds, joint discomfort, and bacterial infections. It helps to enhance the immune system, which is especially beneficial during a bad cold or cough during pregnancy. It is a natural technique to combat infections while also assisting in the development of a strong immune system.

Overall, remember that a healthy diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and dairy products is the best way to enhance your immunity while pregnant. Aside from food and supplements, one of the greatest methods to enhance your immune system is to get a good night’s sleep, exercise regularly, and reduce stress.

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