Breakfast is considered one of the most essential meals of the day. Skipping it is not considered healthy as it leads to weight gain and other health issues. In general, it is not a good start to the day. Starting your day with proteins is a great head start for the day. It may help in improving mental performance and increase productivity in children, teens, and adults.

Along with consuming breakfast, it is also important to take into consideration, its quality. Consuming the regular high-sugar cereal breakfast is not considered a healthy option. Adding protein to it can help you start a healthy lifestyle. It also helps in keeping you full for the most part of the day and keeps you from consuming unnecessary carbs.


The main benefit of eating protein for breakfast is it cuts down the body’s rate of absorbing carbohydrates. This helps in keeping your sugar levels balanced. Another benefit of consuming a high-protein breakfast is that it helps in reducing fat and promotes weight loss. It is recommended that an intake of 30g of protein every day can help you lose weight faster, as it reduces appetite.

Secondly consuming protein as a pre-workout breakfast meal can help in building new muscles as well as boosting immunity. It is also clinically proven that eating a high-protein meal as breakfast can increase tyrosine levels in your brain. This gives you energy and makes you stay awake, and alert. Glutamate and aspartate are two types of amino acids that are brain neurotransmitters, which are obtained from protein. These neurotransmitters help in the proper functioning of the body.



The most economic and versatile food rich in protein is eggs. They are extremely cheap and easy to make. Not to forget they can be made in several different ways. Some popular ways of making eggs for breakfast are- omelet, poached eggs, fried eggs, scrambled eggs, and hard-boiled eggs. Their protein content increases if they are paired rightly with a slice of bread and cheese.


Tofu serves as a great alternative breakfast to eggs. If you are a vegetarian or even a vegan, then tofu can be your choice of protein-filled breakfast. It is also relatively easy to make tofu. A popular way of making it for breakfast is by cooking a veggie scramble. But make sure to add some sort of spice or flavor in whichever dish you are making as tofu can be a bit bland to taste.


If you are a fan of smoothies, then a protein powder is your type of breakfast. Though it won’t be considered a food, it serves as an excellent way of consuming a breakfast full of protein, for people who are on the go. There are many brands available in the market from where you can choose a protein powder. But you need to make sure the brand is completely trusted and certified. Also, protein powder is a supplement to whole foods, so don’t consider it a long-term option. It can add a fix to your diet if you don’t consume enough proteins through food.


One of the most popular breakfast foods, sausages are excellent sources of protein. It doesn’t matter if they are chicken, beef, pork, or turkey sausages, you can add them to your breakfast meal without worrying about any additional calories. Opt for sausages without any added preservatives and go for the one with meat and seasonings. Sausages, like eggs, are considered versatile. They can be eaten alongside eggs, or cooked with veggies.


It is not commonly known, but yogurt is food filled with tons of protein. And not to forget, it is also a popular as well as a tasty breakfast option. Greek yogurt is exceptionally rich in proteins as it is made in such a specific traditional way which lessens the carbohydrate percentage. Yogurt can be the perfect breakfast if you are running late or don’t have the time to make a whole meal. It can be eaten in it’s packed form best. You can also make yogurt parfait or even pancakes with it.


Another great source of protein and soluble fiber is black beans. They are plant-based proteins and are a nutritionally fulfilling breakfast. Along with proteins, black beans also balance blood sugar levels, maintain satiety, and promote cardiovascular health. Boiling black beans and consuming them immediately is the safest and easiest way of having them. Another way is by boiling and adding them into your baked eggs or even a burrito bowl.


The amount of protein intake differs from person to person. The ideal amount of protein for breakfast should be 15g-30g. Consuming the said amount for breakfast will keep you full throughout the day and will balance your blood-sugar as well as energy levels. If you are someone who is an avid gym goer, then starting with 15g will help you gain better results. 15-30g of protein for breakfast everyday also helps in promoting muscle mass.

Eating proteins with breakfast is the safest and healthy way of starting your mornings. Either sweet or savory , there are many ways to consume proteins. Additionally it has many benefits, like maintaining blood glucose levels, stabilizing energy levels and promoting satiety. It is never to late to start healthy. Begin your fitness journey with Foodvez.

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