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Soya Chunks – The Super Food!

Soya chunks initially became prominent in eastern India. Then, even non-vegetarians began to go for soya chunks and use them as a meat alternative. The fondness for some of the best Soya Chunks – The Super Food! brands thus took on in other regions of India subsequently.

Soya chunks are rich in protein, polyunsaturated lipids, and Omega-3 fatty acids. Soya contains carbs, protein, iron, calcium, and dietary fiber. It’s also a great option for anyone trying to lose weight.

Health Benefits of Soya Chunks

Soya chunks are popular among vegetarians because of their high protein level. Its popularity has increased as more people are switching to vegetarianism, veganism, and high-protein diets recommended by fitness enthusiasts. Then, even non-vegetarians began to purchase soya chunks and use them as a meat alternative. Now, the popularity is spreading steadily throughout India.

Nutritonal Facts Of Soya Chunks

  • Soya chunks provide 345 kcal per serving (100 g). As a result, based on daily calorie consumption, one should determine portion sizes intelligently
  • Soya pieces provide an incredible amount of protein. For both men and women, the abundant protein content covers the daily required intake (46g for women, and 56g for men).
  • As compared to meat and eggs, the fat content of soya chunks is negligible.
  • In soya chunks, vitamins A and C are also present.
  • Soya pieces contain a significant quantity of calcium, which is 350mg. The quantity is equivalent to 35% of the daily recommended requirement.

Macro and micro nutrients in Soya Chunks

The advantages of soya chunks include the presence of protein amounts that are equivalent to meat, eggs, and milk. Needless to say, everyone benefits from protein’s advantages, which include a speedier metabolism, muscular growth, and improved skin, hair, and bone health. Furthermore, according to a research published in the journal Molecules, the soy isoflavones included in these pieces inhibit fat buildup around the organs, making it a wonderful weight-loss tool.

What soya chunks contain?

  • Polyunsaturated lipids, omega 3 fatty acids, and proteins abound in soy. They’re also high in calcium and iron, while containing no added sugar or salt.
  • 100 grams of uncooked soya chunks have 52 gms. proteins. If your child is protein-deficient and you’re at a loss for what to feed them to compensate, soya chunks are the best option.
  • Linoleic acid is the most common form of fat in soybeans, accounting for around half of the total fat content.
  • Whole soybeans have a low glycemic index (GI), which is a measure of how meals affect the rise in blood sugar after a meal, due to their low carb content. Soybeans are beneficial for diabetics due to their low GI.
  • Soybeans provide a good balance of soluble and insoluble fibre. FODMAPs are a type of fibre that may aggravate the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Alpha-galactosidase is a type of FODMAP (IBS).

Advantages Of Soya Chunks The Super Food

  • This is, broadly speaking, one of the most noteworthy and crucial benefits of keeping a diet of soya chunks. These tasty mini chunks are high in essential minerals like magnesia, which act effectively against insomnia.
  • Helps in diabetes: Numerous studies have found that if you have soya chunks somewhat regularly, then it will effectively reduce your chances of getting diabetes. So now you can have more soya chunks to control your blood sugar level.
  • Remedy to prevent anemia: As said earlier, soya chunks are high in iron, so it is quite evident that it will prevent anemia. Do you know, there are so many athletes who have a diet rich in soya chunks? It also provides immunity to your body.
  • Helps in proper weight management: Being quite rich in essential proteins and fiber, keeping soya chunks in your diet will help you to manage your weight loss. This is so because soya chunks make you feel full for extreme lengths of time.
  • Extremely essential for pregnant women: Soya chunks are quite rich in folic acid, as well as vitamins like B complex. Most doctors suggest pregnant women take on an organic diet rich in soy-based foods.

Disadvantages of Soya Chunks The Super Food

  • When consumed in excess, this can ham your body and heart health too.
  • Phytates are the main reason behind blocking the mineral absorption in your body. These fatty acids are not so good for health.
  • If you are consuming soya chunks after working out, then especially it might lead to increased cortisol levels.
  • Might increase the level of uric acid in your body: Too much soy consumption can definitely lead to high levels of uric acid. It can cause weight gain, bloating, facial problems like acne or pimples, and even frequent mood swings.

Top brands of Soya Chunks The Super Food

Saffola Soya Chunks

Presenting Saffola Mealmaker Soya Chunks 400g made with Super Soft Technology that ensures the soya chunks remain super soft. We choose ingredients carefully, analyse & balance the key nutritional factors like protein, dietary fibres etc. to ensure optimum quality. Saffola 400g soya chunks nutritional value: High in Protein (53%),High in Fibre (13%) & Low in Fat (Less than 1%) which aids your Family’s nutrition and adds great taste to their everyday food. Try Saffola Soya Chunks 400g-Tasty Super Soft, 400g Soya Chunks with protein.


Pushp is a renowned spice and masala maker brand in India. Previously, the industry catered to the Malwa district. These are really simple to make and have several health advantages.Pushp Soya chunks makes your food delicious. These are very easy to make and comes with good health benefits. Add a healthy and nutritional alternative to your meat dishes with these protein rich soya chunks from Pushp Brand.


It is one of the most trusted and oldest Soy Product manufacturers, renowned for its high-quality goods and excellent customer service. Soya Chunks contain immunity building nutrients, protein, iron and zinc. It is rich in dietary fibre and strengthens your immunity. It is very easy to prepare and makes tasty dishes.


The brand offers a wide range of products such as Soya Chunk, Red Chilli Pickle, Green Chilli Pickle, and more. The Everin soya chunks have a thick, spongy feel. Vegetarians and vegans may consume this protein-rich diet.Soya chunks offered by Everin is a protein-rich diet that promote muscle building, weight reduction, bone strength, and blood sugar control.


It is one of the top Ayurveda product enterprises in India, offering a wide range of food, cosmetics, and Ayurvedic medicines. The items are incredibly effective as well as reasonably priced.Patanjali High Nutri Soya Chunks has a high protein content and is low in fat.

The bottom line

While the consumption of soya chunks can be immensely beneficial to your body, having too many soy products can increase estrogen and uric acid levels also, thus contributing to numerous health problems such as water retention, acne, weight gain, mood swings, bloating etc. Illnesses can strike unexpectedly at any point in time, bringing in mental and financial distress.


Question On a per-day basis, how much soya chunk can I have in my diet?

Much like other foods, moderation is the most important key here. According to several dieticians, each day, you can have about 25 or 30 grams of this nutritious food. This will make you absorb most of the nutrients, and you will be able to reap the most of it. The home-cooked version is not unhealthy, and you will be able to get all the health benefits from it.

Question What are some good substitutes for soya chunks the super food?

If you are a non-vegetarian, then you can easily substitute soya chunks with some form of meat. However, in case you are a vegetarian, the other options that you have are tofu or tempeh. You can also substitute a soya chunk diet with cottonseed meals or even a peanut meal. All of these are protein-rich diets and will benefit you.

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