Top 3 fruits which are rich in vitamin B12

Which fruits contain more Vitamin B12 ?

Apple, Banana, Oranges and nuts too.. try almonds from now on.

Natural supplement to vitamins

In the busy life everyone dependent on instant foods , eating all junk outside which in long run leading to unhealthy side-effects. Healthy fruits and vegetables containing rich vitamins are being secondary in the race. Lacking in balance between health and diet .

Therefore, slowly resulting in problems like muscle weakness, low energy, fatigue, hair fall, loss of appetite, pale or yellow skin, headache, depression symptoms, mental impairment etc.

To know what the exact problem which the body is undergoing we end up spending a lot on medical expenses.

Adding to it, there are many products in the market with pilferages to the brand’s naming as supplements to the natural food.

Why to choose alternatives to vitamins ?

Many chemicals, which harm our body directly or indirectly taken in consideration in garb of good supplements to vitamins.

Thus, leading to a grave health issues in long run. In this competitive world, there exists unlimited options to buy essentials. After the pandemic , many of us depending on online platforms.

Online platform

In sum, more options to buy a single product. Choosing cautiously also became a deadly task for customers.

What to do?

Intake of correct diet supplements can save lot of our money and health. Deficiency of vitamin B12 or folate in body gives rise to problems like muscle weakness, low energy, fatigue, hair fall, loss of appetite, pale or yellow skin, headache, depression symptoms, mental impairment, etc.,

. To repair your damage body, supplements of B12 should to be taken as part of diet.

This vitamin naturally found in fruits and vegetables especially in fruits like Apple,Banana,Berries, Oranges .Other than fruits , dried fruits like nuts.


Apple contains polyphenols in good quantities that are found in both apple pulp and peel, it acts as an antioxidant. Rich amount of Vitamin too. It is one of the best fruits rich in B12.


Banana is more nutritious than other fruits, as well as a good alternative to energy. But apart from this banana has many properties, which are very beneficial for your health. Banana is one of the vitamin b12 rich fruits and vegetables list.


. We all know orange is a great source of vitamin c. But Orange also contains a lot of vitamin B 12. Orange is one of the vitamin b12 fruits list and vegetables. Orange is rich in beta-carotene, Calcium, Antioxidant which are very much important for our health.

Among all dry fruits, vitamin b12 rich dry fruits are almond and peanuts. So, peanuts and almonds have vitamin b12 in dry fruits.

Dry fruits are stored for long shelf time ,rather than fruits. Which are subjected to market availability and short shelf life.

What are the other alternatives

As said, without compromising on nutrients I came across a recent platform ( Foodvez) which is providing organic food which is taking health as priority.

The most interesting thing about foodvez is ,it not only sells the products but also gives you correct measures of its intake and there by giving you a balanced way of intake of nutrients .

Vitamin B12 is a water soluble element, so we may not know in what quantity it must be taken , what measures to make it stay in the body.

Fortified foods do contain B12 in its free form, so they are more easily absorbable in body. There is a variety of vitamin B12 supplements available in form of tablets too.

Thus end up in uneven or abnormal intake of this supplement which is also harmful to the body.

Foodvez site enables you to the right nutrient proportion and even has suggested foods according to the requirements of body.

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