Top 5 breakfast essentials high in protein

Want to know which breakfast is high in protein?

Here are a few breakfast essentials that are high in protein.

There is a rising awareness among people to eat nourishing foods and follow a healthy lifestyle that is appropriate to the current sedentary lifestyle. Many have started to pay attention to what they’re eating, and are making the switch to a clean and transparent diet.  In light of healthy eating practices becoming popular among the masses, the food industry keeps bringing out various variants of processed foods and snacks that are both healthy and tasty. These foods, approved by nutritionists and foodies alike, are favoured by many, some brands even having a cult of ardent followers!

The current trends of a low-calorie and high-protein diet mark the rise of a diverse range of foods, especially those that are breakfast-friendly. Here is a list of 5 must-have breakfast essentials that you must have in your pantry:


Granola is made by mixing rolled oats, rice (sometimes swapped with other high-protein cereals) and nuts, and baking them. The baked granola sheets are either broken up to resemble breakfast cereal or compressed into portable bars. Granola is high in proteins, with about 10 grams per serving (100 grams). While it is true that granola is high in fat and calories, there are various other healthy options out there. Try True Elements Baked Granola with Almonds and Dark Chocolate – the perfect balance between a healthy and tasty breakfast. Or, go for All Good Taste Protein Bar, for an instant pick-me-up.

Peanut butter:

Ah, Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich! The perfect breakfast! But did you know that a single tablespoon of peanut butter contains almost 10 grams of protein? This high-calorie breakfast staple is also loaded with vitamins and minerals. What’s more, peanut butter is extremely versatile and can be used in preparing mouth-watering pasta dishes and curries. Plus, they make a perfect snack, either by itself or with crackers! Check out Pintola’s Peanut butter, which contains natural jaggery instead of white sugar.

Breakfast Cookies:

For those too busy to sit down for a breakfast, these breakfast cookies are the way to go. They are healthy because they don’t have any empty calories. Breakfast cookies are very simple to make. Mix in two cups of whole oats with one cup of mashed banana and a cup of nut butter. Add in the dry fruits and nuts of your choice, and mix well. Layer them on a baking tray lined with parchment paper, and bake till the edges are browned. Or, simply pick All Good Taste Protein Cookies – they are vegan and gluten-free and can be enjoyed by all.

Chia Seeds:

These tiny seeds are packed with proteins, fibres, Omega 3 and antioxidants. Just a couple of tablespoons of chia seeds offer up to 4 grams of proteins. Chia seeds are highly versatile and can be added to smoothies, puddings, cakes, cookies, and lots more. Plus, they are mucilaginous, which means they form a jelly-like substance when soaked in water. This unique property makes chia seeds the perfect egg substitute for vegans. So the next time you make some breakfast muffins, swap out eggs for soaked chia seeds for a healthier option. Try out these chia seeds from The Organic Tasteful.

Protein powder:

Let’s face reality – if you need to load up on proteins without any extra fats or calories, then including protein powder in your diet is the way to go. Protein powder is especially popular among athletes, weightlifters, vegetarians and vegans. To suit the needs of everyone, protein powders are synthesized from various protein sources, like milk, eggs, pea, soy, hemp, etc. Protein powders, like chia seeds, are highly versatile – adding a small scoop of protein powder to your breakfast smoothie or pancake, or even your chapati atta, exponentially increases the amount of protein you consume at breakfast. What’s more, many protein powders are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals so that you can enjoy a more balanced meal.

Check out Nutrabay’s Pure Soy Protein Isolate – they are vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free and free of artificial flavours, making them the ideal protein powder to be mixed with any of your sweet or savoury breakfast. If you prefer a more natural protein source, The Organic Tasteful’s Moringa powder has got you covered. A single serving of Moringa powder has about 27 grams of protein, and 19 grams of fibre – making it the perfect option for those seeking to lose weight.

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