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Beyond the snack kerala banana chips

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Specialty of Product – Beyond the snack kerala banana chips

Cultural Recipe – One of the special object and traditional specialty of kerala is there fresh and evergreen bananas. Its from many years ago these cultural is following that they have their dinner in banana leafs, it is a sign of freshness and be healthy. In todays 21st century these cultural is following by heart and today here we are presenting the kerala authentic food that is farm fresh banana chips.

Made by Selected Bananas – Our chips are being ready with proper care, maintain health and safety. It is make with the exclusive variety of banana named Nendran Nendran is a variety of banana which is large in size with yellow colour and with great taste.

Authentic preparation – Peel and slice raw nendran into thin rounds, heat oil in an iron wok, drop the slices into the boiling oil to deep fry them, and remove when brown.

Key Points to select the product –

Healthy and prepared with safety –

Product is being make with very care. No manual interruption involve. It is prepare with fully automated system, made with fresh banana, properly washed, nicely sliced, properly cooked in fresh oil and properly packed with care. You are the only first person to touch and feel the love of Kerala.

Benefits for health –

Crispy banana snack that provides you potassium, a mineral which is great useful to control blood pressure. Banana is also rich in fibre and nutrient which can help your body for better digestive system and prevent constipation.

Eat with tension free –

Beyond snack banana chips are 20% less fat and cholesterol-free than regular chips. It’s devoid of trans fats, gluten, and genetically modified organisms. There will be no trace of oil on its surface, but it will be fried to perfection for tasty and nutritious chips.

Have a fun while eating –

We use a precision slicer to ensure the same thickness for each slice, which is than baked to perfection at well before standards. The air-puffed bag will function as a cushion, preventing external forces from reaching our chips.

Here we are with greatest and superb product “beyond snacks kerala banana chips ” worth try it once.

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