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Spearmint Tea for PCOS

Want to get relief from PCOS related problems?

We have the perfect solution in store for you – Spearmint Tea

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PCOS is one of those problems which currently affect a huge chunk of the young female population around the globe. If you’re reading this and you are suffering from the same then probably this blog will be of immense help to you. If you do not know what PCOS is then no need to fill ashamed. It’s not mandatory for someone to know everything, but here we are trying to create a general awareness about it and also a very feasible solution for the same. Polycystic ovary syndrome is the complete form of what we have been calling PCOS so far. It is a hormonal condition of women,  in which the overall hormonal levels get imbalanced.  The male sex hormones –  Androgens – which are supposed to be in minimal quantities in women,  reach a much higher than usual level. You can pretty much understand already from this idea that excessive male hormones in a female body will cause different problems. There is no cause established for PCOS as of now, but genetic reasons are definitely a big contributor to it. 

Spearmint Tea is the solution!

There is no proven cure for PCOS to date but Reduction of symptoms and some preventive measures for all that we have at this moment. Generally, women dealing with PCOS have their ovulation ceased, thus indirectly causing infertility. Which is something depressing for a huge chunk of the population among them. The menstrual periods might also be lasting very long or there may be infrequent menstrual flow. Missing periods is also something that is vastly associated with PCOS. Foodvez, India’s leading nutritional food brand,  has already given a thought to it.  Hence it brings to you, the super awesome product –  Spearmint PM-Sip Tea.  This might be a very viable solution for you if you’re looking for something to ease your PCOS related problems.

What are the benefits?

  1. Spearmint PM-Sip Tea contains a lot of herbal ingredients which are proven to have shown a positive effect on menstrual and overall female health. To name a few of the important Herbs that are present –  Spearmint, Shatavari,  Chasteberry,  Pipalli and Guduchi. These are extremely important for maintaining the menstrual cycle of a woman. In case you’re not familiar with the Herbs that are mentioned above,  then worrying should be the last thing on your list.
  2. Shatavari is one of those magical herbs found primarily in the Himalayan region of India and Nepal,  that has the potential to treat a lot of conditions that prevail in humans, and more precisely women. If you know Sanskrit then probably you have already figured out the meaning of the word Shatavari,  but in case you did not send let me tell you,  Shatavari means “the plant with hundred roots”. Roots are of Paramount significance because most of the medicinal properties of this herb are accumulated in the roots. In Ayurveda,  Shatavari is termed a female-friendly herb. It is also an adaptogenic herb because it helps in relieving stress of any kind be it physical or emotional.
  3. Shatavari possesses the ability to stimulate the luteinizing hormones (LH),  which is important for healthy ovulation. Shatavari also controls the production of oestrogen –  one of the female hormones.
  4. What if I tell you Shatavari also has the ability to promote your hair growth on head? Yes, absolutely.  It has been proven to be extremely beneficial in relieving PCOS symptoms. Chasteberry is another herb,  that helps ease out the symptoms of not just women suffering from PCOS but also symptoms related to pre-or post-menopause and infertility. So, you can already figure out the plethora of positive contributions that Spearmint PM-Sip Tea brings in.

Get relief from cramps, irregular period!

Spearmint PM-Sip Tea helps in providing relief to women suffering from irregular periods,  period cramps or other menstrual cycle related problems. If you are trying to chalk out a PCOS treatment plan,  then this unique tea shall be your best ever companion. Women undergoing Pre-menstrual syndrome, also abbreviated as PMS,  suffer from fatigue, irritability, depression, anxiety and mood swings, this product is extremely beneficial for them as well. This PM-sip tea is really unique in its blend and is formulated by the best tea specialists, of course under the guidance of health experts. Spearmint PM-Sip Tea is marketed after thorough research and experiments,  so quality is something which is not compromised at all. If you are thinking will this tea taste like just bland medicine? Then I must tell you it has a very refreshing and flavourful taste. 


If you are having PMS,  this will uplift your mood with its flavours. Also, women suffering from PCOS,  often gain weight a lot. Spearmint PM-Sip Tea will help keep your weight on the lower side. Spearmint herb plays a leading role in decreasing male hormones and increasing the levels of female hormones in women. So,  you can say goodbye to period cramps and pains with this absolutely stunning product. Even you will be surprised to know that the insulin levels in your body can also be regulated by this spearmint tea. You can make 50 cups of tea per 50 grams of Spearmint PM-Sip Tea!  So hurry, buy it now!

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