What is protein?

The question that strikes in our head and we constantly ask ourselves that why we need other sources of protein when we get an adequate amount of protein just by eating food. Protein helps in the growth of children and also the development of a pregnant woman. It also helps in digestion, energy production, blood clotting and muscle growth. It maintains the proper pH of the body. Protein acts up as antibodies to protect our body from bacteria or viruses.

what is protein?

A proper protein diet for diabetic patients helps in reducing hunger, which results in intake of fewer calories. Those who eat more protein tend to maintain their body more, which results in a low risk of any bone injuries.

Why Protein Powder?

While buying protein powder, how many of us think that why do we need protein powder? Or what are the benefits of protein powder? How many customers go home and check what are the benefits and how many of them get bored reading long paragraphs? So making this short and precise, I would say the benefits are very clear cut.

protein powders

If you are a diabetic patient, the very first question you would ask will be if drinking protein shake is beneficiary or not. Carbs get digested quickly in comparison with protein as it gets digested in a slow manner which is healthy for diabetes patients. It is often recommended to take the correct amount of protein daily.

A person with diabetes has to check numerous times which food contains less sugar, carbohydrate, and fats. But what if getting recommended with healthier snacks or powders; so that you don’t have to check the ingredients and proportions of every food item, it will be the best way, isn’t it?

Here are a few recommendations for you to purchase the perfect protein powder.

1)Nutracology Mass Gainer High Protein Weight Gainer With Enzyme Blend Lean Whey Protein (1Kg, Chocolate)
2) Seeds & Nuts Powder
3) Moringa leaf Powder
4) Abbzorb Nutrition Micronised Creatine Monohydrate Powder
They are also cheap and would be within your budget.

Protein powder is not only beneficial for those who are diabetes patients but; also for those who want to look after their body compositions. It improves metabolic control also. Athletes, sportsperson, etc, requires a lot of protein in their body and they meet the proportions with the help of protein powder.

People with diabetes are counselled to not skip their meal; but rather eat at a fixed time because proteins take time to break down. So, it is often said that, instead of eating a meal with less protein in it, take a protein powder shake. It acts as a protein supplement, does well for your body and maintains the sugar level. Protein powder shakes are healthier than those readymade protein shakes; it has high-quality protein, made for your taste buds and your body. But then again make sure to have a proper protein diet as well.

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